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Five new websites to bookmark for the coming collapse

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

If you don’t yet realize that human society is headed for a catastrophic collapse, you’re so far behind the curve that it’s scary. Although no one knows exactly which breaking point is going to fail first, there are now so many candidates for the collapse that an apocalyptic future for humankind is all but guaranteed. Some of the candidates for catastrophic collapse include:

  • Global debt collapse
  • Solar flare taking out the power grid (NASA estimates a 12% chance every 10 years)
  • Social unrest, riots and civil war
  • Ecological collapse as the mass chemical poisoning of the planet reaches an irreversible tipping point
  • Global nuclear war (North Korea, Russia, China, USA, etc.)
  • U.S. government bankruptcy and a collapse of the EBT food stamp system
  • Food supply collapse, including marine ecosystems and ocean fisheries
  • Fukushima radiation explosion if containment pools fail in a subsequent earthquake
  • Nuclear terrorism targeting large cities
  • Cyber war hacking that sends nuclear power facilities all across the country into nuclear meltdowns
  • Russian “mole nukes” tidal wave secret weapon threatening the U.S. East Coast
  • Rise of the machines and an AI war against humanity

What will happen with things start to unravel? Mac Slavo at nails it when he says:

There will be tens of millions of starving, angry and bewildered people who face endangerment and extinction, and there will be a few who succeed not only in planning ahead, but in laying low enough to avoid being noticed and picked off by looters, marauders and misguided authorities.

But those who didn’t prepare for the worst when it did happen could very quickly lose everything they have, and many will perish during the next major crisis – which could be triggered at this point by almost anything.

How to stay informed for as long as the internet stays up

I’m fully aware that everything I’m publishing today will be inaccessible to you once the stuff hits the fan. But until that day comes, you can learn a lot from knowledge published online, but only if you know which websites to visit. To no one’s surprise, all the best websites that teach real preparedness, awakening and human knowledge are systematically suppressed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other internet totalitarian gatekeepers.

This means you need to memorize the web site names in advance — even bookmark them in your browser — so that you can find them even when Google initiates a TOTAL BAN of all “non-official” information (that day is coming, I’ve been told, so get ready).

In addition to the usual top-caliber survival websites such as,, and, here are five new websites that we’ve launched here at Natural News as part of our editorial expansion into preparedness, survival and “how-to” content:

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