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FBI Director James Comey – The Giant Of The Deep State – David Versus Goliath – Gowdy Drills Comey

from Victurus Libertas VL:

Jomes Comey at 6” 8″ tall is perhaps the tallest of the deep state shadow government actors. Can he be trusted to be the director of the highest law enforcement agency in the United States? You be the judge…

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5 comments to FBI Director James Comey – The Giant Of The Deep State – David Versus Goliath – Gowdy Drills Comey

  • mike

    Gowdy is a piece of shit..The entire time stressing to Comey “Americans” want to renew the deep state provisions in the fall and Comey by not investigating the leaks was placing that in jeopardy.Have no idea what the all bluster no action Gowdy was thinking..I dont want this crap renewed? Does anyone listen to the guys? Gowdy is just as much a henchman for the deep state as Comey…..

    Looks like Trump is begging for support for his massive entitlement program trumpcare..Thank God for Rand Paul putting a stop to the deep state trump..Jesus the trump freak is expanding the M.I.C and prison complex…

    Pretty obvious none of you are for freedom..Just plain old neocons in Freedom lovers skins…Oh the shame.

    • Eric

      Don’t worry. Somebody will save you mike. Just keep watching.

      Why don’t you write a letter to someone. Did you sell all your “worthless Silver” yet?

      • mike

        Eric it is you that is the complete jackass..I think you know that. You are a shit sheep, thats all you will ever be. Insulting me with your ignorant diatribe just makes you look more and more like the imbecile I know you are. The Hampstead video you all the look like total jackasses.No matter how much you post you are nothing more than a sheep troll.
        Your golden god i was willing to give the benefit of the doubt until he just went right in on more funding for the deep state and big gub programs. You were and are the fool. Trump spoke to your pea brain telling you everything you wanted to hear but he lied to his little lamb Eric.
        No Clinton investigation.
        No pedogate investigation
        Embracing the establishment
        No repeal and replace obamacare with something better
        More funding for the M.I.C AND P.I.C
        No paying down the debt
        Not for constitutional money
        All for the stockmarket you rail against
        and on and on

        More police state

        • Eric

          At least I didn’t vote for Hillary like you did mike.

          How’s that workin out for you so far?

          Obviously you were expecting a lot to change because of this election. Apparently this is way over your head. Why don’t you go back to what you do best…

    • Eric

      By the way, congratulations on your rescue mike.

      How is your recovery proceeding?

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