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EU Parliament strikes Hard at French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen to Try to Kill her Chances of Winning the Office

from Rogue Money:

On March 1, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to revoke immunity from the leading candidate for the office of France’s Presidency after she was found to have tweeted images of ISIS violence and atrocities from her account two years ago.

This removal of immunity in the halls of Europe’s un-elected bureaucratic body places her at risk of being indicted with hate speech by the EU Parliament, and is a move by the Establishment to try sully her chances of winning France’s biggest election in the coming months. In addition, the EU Parliament is also making a statement that anyone who threatens their true agenda of bringing in millions of Islamic refugees to saturate European member states, many of whom have been proven to be terrorists, will be dealt with in a most severe manner.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to lift the immunity of Le Pen, which allows French prosecutors to undertake legal actions against the presidential candidate for tweeting images of killings by the Daesh terrorists in December 2015.

Earlier in the week, a European Union committee voted to remove French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity. She had been charged with “publishing violent images” on her Twitter account of graphic images of terrorists beheading prisoners, one of whom was a US journalist.

The EU voted “overwhelmingly” to remove Le Pen’s immunity, according to lawmaker Laura Ferrara, who was tasked with compiling the dossier. The entire legislature must still vote on the measure, according to Ferrara, but a date has not been set yet. The vote was to get the measure out of committee to put before the rest of the European Parliament.
— Sputnik News

In the past few weeks the Western establishment has gone on the offensive to try to attack all sectors of the rising populist movement, including getting rid of President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser General Michael T Flynn, threatening the UK with a divorce tax to leave the EU, and now going after the leading candidate to win France’s Presidency after she publicly called for the nation to leave the Euro currency and the EU itself.

It is insanity to believe that the European Parliament’s efforts to stifle ‘hate speech’ in regards to showing the atrocities done by Islamic terrorists is simply a misinformed attempt at political correctness gone wild. No, the reality is that the Establishment’s in both the U.S. and in Europe have been bloodied and are now on the ropes. And like any cornered rat who is beginning to see the writing on the wall that their days of power may soon be at an end, their only recourse is to try to use every illicit tactic in the world to try to falsely smear those who are on the right side of populism at this time in history, and to attempt to vilify them with enough slander and false charges to maybe keep them from achieving their ultimate goals of killing off the poisonous head of the Fascist snake

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