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Economic World War III & $50,000 Gold | Bill Holter

from Finance And Liberty:

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13 comments to Economic World War III & $50,000 Gold | Bill Holter

  • ecobel

    very old interview, repackaged by network as crooked as those they criticize! BUT shows how much bullshit Holter throws, Nothing he says ever actually occurs!

    • Eric

      Which part is bullshit? The part about everything being rigged or the upcoming elections in Europe?

      Hey does anybody remember when Gold was $255/oz. in April of 2001?

      Be nice to get almost 5 ounces for the price of one.

      • ecobel

        eric, how about the part about election not happening!

        • Eric

          Do you have a direct quote? I hate to take things out of context. They can be easily misinterpreted that way. Just like when people read the headlines, but ignore the story.

          There was certainly a large risk of no election occurring. They could have created a false flag just in time to postpone them. Lots of people don’t want to go to prison. But that’s in the past. Remember the market mayhem that night? What was that about?

          I don’t consider Bill to be a bullshit artist. He’s a straight shooter in my opinion. None of us have a crystal ball and none of us have a flying delorean.

          Are you angry with him or are you angry at yourself for listening to him?

          Keep emotions out of your portfolio.

        • mike

          Holter is a piece of trash…Pump and dump. Kind of hard to pump something that is so easily available. Get yourself an acre of rain forest a backhoe and a trash pump and pull 40 tons of visible gold out of the ground. That is exactly what is happening at 1200 gold lol. Imagine if it was 50k? So much gold would flood the market it would be $5.00 an oz.
          Gold is gold no such thing as illegal mining for gold.

          Eric is an epic retard.

          Eric has a crystal ball..At 20 trillion in us debt Eric says silver wull easily go to 150 even implying more lol. Eric like holter is trash.

          • Eric

            How many brain cells did you kill coming up with that ignorant response mike? An acre of rainforest, a backhoe, and a trashpump is all it takes to pull 40 tons of Gold out of the ground? lol.

            Obviously your wallet is empty. I can sense your desperation from how you react and vomit dead brain cells through your keyboard. Can’t even spell simple words. You should have done your due diligence. You’d be getting wealthy rather than poor. At least we know that you’ll be gone by 2025 thanks to Deagel.

            I said “look for Trump’s infrastructure plan when the debt hits 20 trillion USD.”

            Has it hit 20 trillion yet mike?

            • Millicent

              Eric, the village idiot of the SGT site… he keeps predicting the PM prices but has no clue where they will go. At least Jim Silly has had the sense to shut up while Sinclair/Holter/SGT keep the pump running.

              Keep “Stacking” Boyz & Girlz.

              • Eric

                Commercials go net long 4265 Silver contracts this past week.

                Open interest rises.

                If all you care about is price, why don’t you do something more your paygrade like clip coupons.

            • mike

              Eric your a moron..Keep your mouth shut.

              Nothing wrong with being a lemming, some people were simply meant to be such as yourself. Fine you defend your parrots but instead of constantly attacking try to listen to better opinions because your parrots are always wrong.Some things they say actually do make sense but their calculations based on speculation are always wrong..Ask yourself why and dig deeper into the story. There are 1000’s of tons of gold materializing out of the blue every year to meet demand.Never has there been a true shortage of raw material. Since that can not happen and Ft Knox has all it’s gold it is coming out of the ground.No disputing that since there has been no shortage or defaults on physical. So logic dictates illegal mining in combination with under reported production by mines. Its very simply dont know why you have such a hard time with simple logic?

              • Eric


                You know NOTHING about Gold!

                You know NOTHING about mining!

                You know NOTHING about finance or economics!

                You know NOTHING about the current financial situation.

                You have done ZERO research!

                This is why you are poor. You are lazy, ignorant, and stupid.

                “There are 1000’s of tons of gold materializing out of the blue every year to meet demand.”

                Out of WHAT blue? You don’t have a clue where Gold comes from, how it is formed, how it is discovered, how it is mined. And you continually demonstrate it for all here to see with your idiotic comments. You wouldn’t know the difference between an ounce, a kilogram, or a ton if it fell on your foot.

                You can’t even tell us how PRICE is determined.

                The 10-K annual reports required once a year are bigger, more complex, and require fully-audited numbers unlike 10-Qs.

                Conclusion: Sell all your Silver and stop complaining about things you are too lazy to look up for yourself.

                If there is no shortage, then show us where the large stockpiles of Silver are mike!

              • Eric

                “And Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of mining giant Glencore, says that “there are no new big mines being built in the world today.” That’s because the industry downturn between 2012 and 2015 — the Mining Zombie Apocalypse, as I like to call it — caused miners to slash exploration budgets, in essence storing up trouble for the future.”


  • Johny Comelately

    The title should say “re-post” xx/11/2106.

    Everything discussed is still relevant, but with so much news to keep up with, I generally don’t have time to listen to old interviews by mistake.

  • ecobel

    eric, how about the part about election not happening!

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