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Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom – Sunday, March 26, 2017 – Adam Taggart and Robert David Steele

by Dave Janda, Dave Janda:

Manipulation of financial markets, Benghazi, New World Order Syndicate, Obama Care, Free Market Health Reform, Putin, The Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, The Constitution, Natural resources, Reserve currency, Corruption, gold, silver Global Elite, International Banking Cabal, debt, Federal Reserve, Too Big To Fail Banks, Crony Capitalism, Debt Ceiling, Financial implosion, Recession, Economic Depression, Freedom, Liberty

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1 comment to Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom – Sunday, March 26, 2017 – Adam Taggart and Robert David Steele

  • Thomas

    Dr. Dave is a great truth seeker! But I don’t know about this “Robert David Steele” character and who he claims to be and what his intentions are.

    Take for example:

    1) (start at 16:00 minute mark) He claims that he’s going to be part of an international tribunal to go after pedophilia, and “we are going to start with the Republican Party.” Now, exactly why would you “start with the Republican Party”. Why wouldn’t you go after both the Democratic and Republican Parties or just disregard party affiliation altogether, and let the evidence take you to the filth that permeates Washington D.C.? If you just go after the Republican Party, just the one sided investigation could change the outcome of the 2018 elections and change the balance of power of the House and Senate.

    2) (start at 16:45 minute mark) Robert David Steele DOES NOT want to prosecute Hillary Clinton! And then he gives no plausible reason why!

    3) (start at 20:50 minute mark) Bashes Steve Bannon and states “Trump doesn’t have a strategy, he’s pulling it out of his butt everyday”.

    Well, Robert is entitled to his opinions, but there’s a reason why NO ONE in a position of power or influence is listening to him. He is an idiot!

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