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Clif High: Deep State Power Struggle, MSM Collapse, More Chaos.. Part 1

from Sarah Westall:

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  • thinking outside the matrix

    Hate to do this but, Why do people listen to this guy? Cliff High is the webbot. He’s hard to follow. I don’t know if he so intelligent that its just hard to follow him or he’s a little crazy in the head. A lot of his new found claim to fame was the rise of Bitcoin in 2016. Sorry but I made that prediction way before him as well as many others that took 2015 as a time to back up the truck and get bitcoins at $200. I’ll give him credit on calling Trump victory as well, but that’s still 50/50 luck of the draw. A lot of his other calls on Gold and Silver have been bad calls. My first video in 2013-2014 explained why the silver price was going to keep going down due to the Elite’s need for cheap silver for the surveillance society through cheap and continues advancing technology. To me a lot of this is just wisdom that goes a bit beyond common sense. Once you understand that there are people controlling the system and their strategically trying create a centralized system you can kinda figure out what’s coming next. Here are some clues the rise of digital currency as safe haven, Gold either poor performance or lack of access in time of distress, censorship of free speech under the guide of deterring or stopping bulling, more American secrets being released by Wikileaks as to foreshadow America as corrupt ragime that has to be taken down of which the world will applaud,forced vaccination, pension crises, governments failing, restriction of internet access with more identity required, major deflation as seen by Deagle report for 2025 forecast and centralization of the healthcare system.

  • thinking outside the matrix

  • thinking outside the matrix

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