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Clif High- Chaos Starts Middle of March – Silver to Reach Parity w/ Gold As Bitcoin Soars To $13,000 USD in Next Couple Years

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from Greg Hunter:

Internet data mining expert Clif High says his latest research shows the mainstream legacy media is fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . those famous faces, will either be arrested or flee the country” over sex trafficking or the cover-up of it.

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3 comments to Clif High- Chaos Starts Middle of March – Silver to Reach Parity w/ Gold As Bitcoin Soars To $13,000 USD in Next Couple Years

  • What an idiot! What à fraud! Talks à load of BS but says nothing factual. Predictive linguistics he calls it. Trying to measure emotion on the internet. Writes what he thinks it means and sells it to desperate fools as prophecy.

  • Millicent

    Morgan, Schiff, Willie, Turk, Bix, the “Doc”, etc. No one pays much attention to them any more because they have been preaching the SoS for years and worn out their schtick. Somehow they always manage to come up with a new twist on the SoS… “predictive programming” is the latest and greatest. When in doubt, baffle them with BS…

    It’s Coming! Real Soon Now!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Remember the old Peter Schiff youtube video (Peter Schiff was right?). Showing clips from TV news shows prior to 2008, when Peter, all alone, was predicting a big crash from the national housing market busting bubble and everybody laughed at him? Then when his multiple rants came true, those same TV news programs stopped inviting Peter on the stage.

    Bingo!!! Peter was right.
    Remember Jim Willie predictions that important “mid level banksters” were going to be dying in mysterious clusters, suicided, murdered, etc, because those were the level of guys not important enough to protect, but high enough on the ladder to know too much?

    Bingo!!! The Golden Jackass was right.

    Remember some of the “predictive linguistic programming” from Clif High? From several years ago, came the “prediction” of a big cruise ship disaster not far from Italy, would happen because a Blonde haired woman was on the bridge at the wrong time? A few months later, the Costa Concordia sank when the Captain was showing off by sailing illegally to near the shoreline, so he could impress his Blonde haired lady friend on the bridge.

    Or more recently when the Web bot report, spoke of some Scandal in late 2016 would evolve Ireland because some women were researching, because they “wanted to know WHO THEY ARE”? then this very couple of months, the news came out about some Catholic orphanage in Ireland, it has been discovered there was the bodies/remains of about 800 babies and children who were tossed into and old SEWER/septic tank system, and the government & church was NOT helping to research this, but some WOMEN who had been orphans at the place, dug into documents, DNA, etc, because these independent women wanted to find out WHO THEY REALLY were and NOT the name on their “church issued-phoney birth certificate-adoption papers”!!!

    One woman found out she had been listed as given up because her birth mother was dead, but she found her birth mother and hugged her.

    I’d call that an amazing Web Bot bulls-eye.

    It amazes me, how Jim Willie, Peter Schiff, Clif High, have had a better track record than all those people who have waited for 2,000 years for Jesus to come back and it ain’t never happened.

    So far, if you keep score, it looks like the Bible is really far down on the accuracy list, while some modern humans are scoring some amazing hits.

    I’d suggest, people should look at results and not wishes, dreams or emotions.
    Facts is facts.
    But “Wishes, hopes & dreams”? Sounds like an Obama recipe.

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