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CDC Confirms Diseased Monkey Kidney Cells Used in Vaccines

from TheHealthRanger:

The CDC has now publicly confirmed that Natural News is 100% correct in reporting on the use of African Green Monkey kidney cells in vaccines.

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1 comment to CDC Confirms Diseased Monkey Kidney Cells Used in Vaccines

  • delllat

    Dude you are bugging out. Take some biology and math classes.
    5.7/1000= .057%……a little over HALF “of 1%”. THAT IS A VERY SMALL NUMBER!!!!
    Have you ever cloned something? Are you a biologist? A chemist? An M.D. or an O.D. or PhD. or MD/PhD Have you ever been vaccinated during your childhood?
    If you or your child got bit by a rabies infected raccoon, tell me that you would not allow
    yourself or child to be treated with the rabies vaccine? My opinion is that your news lacks quite a bit of information. Yet it extremely exaggerates on other points. It offers NO solution for those wanting not to be vaccinated.
    I think you should start your video with……”Hello, I have helped cure X amount of people without the need to get vaccinated.” “I have helped those suffering from HIV, HPV, Rabies…etc..etc with out ever having to use ANY kind of vaccine. My research and products include…..”
    In stead of this ……………..verbal diarrhea. I have an all natural vaccine for that.
    Stop talking $#!T! You sound more like ScareRanger than HealthRanger!!

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