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Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider

from Victurus Libertas VL:

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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4 comments to Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider

  • Steelerdude

    Wait……is this fake news? JK

  • Ed_B

    Breaking News? Hell. This is a LOT closer to Broken News… as in totally divorced from reality.

  • videoctr

    The counter coup conducted by the good guys has the criminals running scared, so it seems. As a result we see the desperation manifesting in the actions of CNN and their handlers. Spread the word that Assange, Trump, Snowden are the good guys. Vault 7 is proof there are rogue elements in government to subvert our nation.

  • videoctr

    Clarification on vault 7, what I mean is, vault 7 is providing the necessary proof of the miscreant deeds of the deep state which has gone rogue.

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