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BREAKING: Anthony Weiner Singing Like A Canary – EXCLUSIVE Information From DHS Insider! – #PedoGate

from Victurus Libertas VL:

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6 comments to BREAKING: Anthony Weiner Singing Like A Canary – EXCLUSIVE Information From DHS Insider! – #PedoGate

  • Allender

    Astonishing! The courage of SGT.

    Some fish are going to fry—but not the whales. Whales are mammals.

    Perhaps a more accurate HOPE: Some big reptiles are going to shed too much skin?

    Will People ever get any idea of the sickness in control?

    “Human trafficking”…sure; but the Satanic pedophilia, vampires feeding fear….

    Rather like the Nazi “Big Lie”. So far beyond what people of conscience can even imagine; so far, it’s working.

  • Windrunner58

    Something is amuck with this whole Pedo thing. There is oodles of evidence, information and accusations to bring down someone of note, and still…..nada.

    I have a feeling nothing of note will come of this pedo ring. A few small fish may get throttled to appease the media (when they eventually are forced to cover something about it), but those at the top will “just be more careful”, and although the Alternative media will not let this die, TPTB will shut this down.

    UNLESS, Trump has the FBI gathering and gathering, and the whole thing will come out at once, but I doubt that. It would destroy the entire government structure.

  • Nick Baldwyn

    Well done Shaun – keep up the fine work!

    I’m hoping this will lead back to the crime syndicate based in the City of London and Parliament, which is full of useless dishonest crooks and perverts.

    Greetings from the UK

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The Singing Weiner. All the pedo’s dance (on a rope).

    Sing, Sing a Song…

  • stef

    Well, not exactly true…
    A few things are already happening…
    It’s just NOT main news.
    Or at least, not yet.
    But still, it’s a good start.

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