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from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):

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4 comments to BITCOIN MEETS THE GOLD PRICE: Is It The Future Of Money?

  • Go ahead and load up on another Fiat Currency that is controlled by derivatives
    ! …….. ….. When there are more BitCoins traded daily , then there are actual Bitcoins … the Fiat game has just changed from one fiat currency to another horse in the middle of the stream !

    • videoctr

      Rapid, I agree with your point about Bitcoin derivatives to control Bitcoin price. It seems Bitcoin will be manipulated like gold and silver. Today we saw gold and silver take a hit today and kept under the 200 day moving average. Certainly that was no coincidence.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Eric!!!??? Where u at bro!!Lol. I know your entire world around you must be crushing down on you. Relax, take a breather, and try not to hyperventilate. Like I said this was in the plan from the start. I’m not psychic….it’s just obvious in my eyes. Bitcoin is going to continue to get a free pass by the Elite bc they created it. Ask yourself why aren’t they challenging it if it’s really a strike against their authority? Bc really its not, it goes along with the plot of a cashless society. The way Bitcoin is now will not be the same in the future. It will run on side chains like lightning network these networks will be controlled by the Elite. If you want your transaction confirmed in a timely manner you’re going to have to use their network. Bitcoin will not be able to run efficiently if too much adoption occurs rapidly. The network as is can not handle the volume. That’s why there will be side chains running bitcoin through different nodes. This is not Bitcoin by the way. The Bankers only wanted you to think Bitcoin the way it is now is the way it was going to run in the future. Not even close to true.

  • thinking outside the matrix

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