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Bitcoin ETF Shakeout is Over! (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

The expected BTC price volatility is over! BTC ranged from $1,325 to $975 in just minutes before recovering to stability near $1,200. It’s safe to load up again. The world is changing fast my friends!

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4 comments to Bitcoin ETF Shakeout is Over! (Bix Weir)

  • pipes

    As I said on Bix’s Youtube…he changed his tune.
    Last week…Bitcoin ETF – good for BTC. This weekend…rejection of BTC ETF – good for BTC.
    Last week…Bix looks forward to ETF. This weekend…Bix glad ETF failed.
    He’s a glad-handing hanger-on. He brings no enlightenment of real substance, just a fair-weather con-man.
    I’ll cite again the added ‘tell’…hot chicks as thumbs for vid.

  • d

    Silver Pumper to BTC pumper…=…Just a Pumper….imho

    • pipes

      First and foremost he is a “Bix” pumper.
      I’m not knocking metals or Bitcoin…I’m knocking HIM…anyone who will tell you different things depending on which way the wind blows, cannot be trusted for critical information at a time when cold-hard truth (even ones you might not care to hear) is necessary.
      Like I said…he’s a ‘glad-hander’…someone who ingratiates themselves, but is insincere.

      • Ed_B

        Sounds like a politician to me! 🙁

        Never been a Bix fan. He’s funny as hell… but don’t ever take his advice on investing YOUR money. If you do, you will be starring in that South Park episode of, “Aaand, it’s gone!”.

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