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Be Prepared: These 10 Foods Quickly Disappear From Grocery Stores When a Disaster Strikes

by Rhonda Johansson, Natural News:

There are certain foods that are sell out almost immediately in a disaster, and it is necessary that we all take note. Why is this important to know? The first is rather obvious: You can begin stockpiling those items now to avoid running out in the future. The second reason is more informative. Assumptions often lead to false conclusions. It would seem that sometimes “common sense” is not so common. compiled a list based on their own observational study featuring the top ten foods that disappear from grocery store shelves during an emergency. Staples such as water and bread rank high on the list but there are also a few surprising additions. Their list is as follows:

Beer & alcohol
Canned fruits & vegetables
Canned soups
Peanut butter
Frozen prepared foods

These were ranked according to how much of these items were bought and the level of importance consumers placed on them. As you can see, beer and alcohol enter the list as the third most important food item. If you are baffled by this, think again. There are a few psychological and sociological aspects to consider.

The Psychology of Panic Buying

A 2015 survey by the Department of Homeland Security found that 60 percent of Americans are not prepared for an emergency. This, despite the fact that 80 percent of Americans reside in counties that are at high-risk for weather-related disasters. Having an emergency plan is essential.

When the unforeseen happens, people tend to panic. This leads to questionable buying habits — including, yes, going to the alcohol aisle.

Scientists have found that during cases of emergencies, the brain immediately responds to its baser instincts. It becomes focused on survival. This explains the necessary items like water and bread. Explaining the beer, researchers hypothesize that contrary to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, vices are considered an essential. During disasters, people need to relieve their stress; they want to forget. Beer and alcohol is a preferred method.

More importantly, people are often triggered to buy what they think they need. Grocery stores have carefully studied the psychology of consumer buying and when a disaster warning is issued, stores stock up on items they believe their customers will find necessary and place them near the store’s entrance. Studies have found that people tend to choose whatever item is most accessible or familiar to them. If the item is placed at the front of the store, or is at eye-level and displayed more prominently, consumers are more likely to stock up on it, rather than something they have to search for. The idea being that they will later have a need for these items.

The concept to remember here is panic, which scientists say is one of the least understood psychological concepts. People are driven by a self-induced feeling of shortage. This is another reason why shoppers attach greater significance to their food purchases. Even if they overstock, they feel that they have “won” over the competition and are better prepared for the disaster.

So, What Do I Really Need?

Disaster preparedness takes practice. Now that you know what foods are bought first, try buying these items now to avoid a shortage. Peanut butter and canned soups are good recommendations. Avoid items that require refrigeration. Items to consider should be easy to store, easy to prepare, and easy to eat. Think of food that can be eaten without hot water or cooking mechanisms. Thus, contrary to the list, stocking up on instant coffee or frozen prepared food is not really a good idea.

It is also good to note that water is the fastest item to run out during emergencies. It is estimated that only the first 100 customers at any grocery store will get to buy water. You should only buy water in quantities necessary for survival. Remember that there are other families who need it. Bread, too, should be bought in usable quantities. Apart from it having a limited shelf life, disaster preparedness should not equate to complete monopolization.

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1 comment to Be Prepared: These 10 Foods Quickly Disappear From Grocery Stores When a Disaster Strikes

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Bread= quickly gets moldy & stale-spoils (buy flour-longer shelf life & make your own.)
    Beer & alcohol= hard liquor never spoils. Beer has a limited shelf life.
    Canned fruits & vegetables= watching the “antique MRE” videos, some stuff lasts for decades
    Canned soups
    Peanut butter= goes “rancid”, but you CAN buy POWDERED peanut butter product, add water & oil?
    Eggs= 2-3 weeks in the fridge. Better to PRE buy POWDERED EGGS!!!
    Meat= Canned meats have LONG shelf life, fresh does not
    Coffee= freeze dried has longest real shelf life
    Frozen prepared foods= goes bad as soon as you lose power

    I’d suggest some things to make life better of 6-12 months without grocery stores.

    Powdered Milk

    those BIG bags (20 pounds) of white rice for just $10. Pick up 4 or more of them, keep them dry!

    Big bags of DRIED BEANS (pinto, kidney, white, cowpeas, etc) not just for eating, but you can plant them too.

    1-4 containers of COCOA POWDER (make your own chocolate things.)
    Veggie oil (for cooking, or make an oil lamp)
    Butter flavored cooking oil, because real butter goes bad too fast.
    Flavored drink mix powder. Kool Aid, etc.

    I’d also like to suggest beef jerky, but I think we all eat it WAY too fast. It’s TOO good.

    Canned fish, sardines (in OIL) (just not from Pacific waters!!!)
    Dry crackers! They keep pretty well, and good for many things.

    You’re gonna wish for some snacks… Pretzels keep well, and a few bags of Nestle’ Semi-Sweet chocolate morsels will satisfy the need for tasty chocolate even with just a teaspoon of them.

    If you’ve got LIQUID SMOKE, and enough SPICES, then you CAN make your own flavored snacks, such as BBQ potato chips!!! recipes on the web.

    When the SHTF and you’ve got NO garden yet, then right away, you’d better plant some important CALORIES to survive.

    Even a sack of potatoes from the store, cut them up (you do know that each “eye” is a “seed”, eh?).. and you dig a trench and plant those pieces, 8-10″ apart. Later, you ‘hill up’ dirt onto the growing plants.

    Plant those BEANS (store bought beans are BUSH type, they won’t climb). If you buy some climbing beans, you can plant them next to 4″ baby corn plants, or along fences, trellis, etc.

    Plant some FAST veggies, such as radishes, lettuce, etc.
    But be sure to also grow the slower things and ROOT crops. Many root crops store best in DIRT.
    Grow some onions, garlic, and herbs, to make all your survival meals taste better.

    Many great items will NOT be gone from the stores, but can save entire families.

    1= Bags of GARDEN FERTILIZERS & BUG chemicals!!! (bug cloth, mulch row cover, green house plastic)
    2= Ammonia cleaner, clear, no additives. This is Liquid NITROGEN for plants! (also, diluted urine)

    3= canning supplies.
    4= swimming pool salt (40 pounds= $6) is really just “un-labelled” CANNING SALT!!!
    5= gallons of vinegar (for pickling)
    6= swimming pool powdered bleach (shock) & laundry bleach to purify water for drinking!!!
    7= some rolls of clear plastic sheeting, to make a single season grow room.
    8= black plastic sheeting, laid on the ground, will KILL all the grass and make it easier for gardening.

    9= don’t forget, you can “re-grow” many veggies from the cut off part. Carrots, onions, garlic cloves, celery, turnips, seeds from fruits & veggies! Be clever, plan ahead as much as possible.
    10= fix up a good bike.
    11= Safely having 5 or 10 gallons of extra gas & bottles of propane, etc, is a very good idea.
    12= you already know how to make a SOLAR OVEN for free, right?
    13= homemade toilet from a 5 gallon bucket & swimming pool noodle? (line it with a plastic bag), dump in some clumping kitty litter, and it’s quite sanitary and much less odor.

    14= you do know how to put a dark colored bucket of water in the sunshine, or in the car, to heat it up for free, don’t you? Warm shower!!

    15= you DID watch some Youtube videos about how to dig or drill your own WATER WELL with just PVC pipe and a garden hose,, yes? And homemade HAND PUMP?

    16= And you do know how to lay down a plastic tarp or sheet and collect RAIN water, filter it thru a COFFEE filter (or face mask-dust mask), add some bleach? Put water into CLEAR soda bottle, leave it in the direct sunlight for a few hours (SUMMER only) for the UV rays to sterilize it, right?

    17= Another great item to have, are those SEED STARTER TRAYS (72 cells), as well as a bags of potting soil, etc? Peat moss seed starter wafers?

    18= download and PRINT a few copies of COMPANION PLANTING (which plants repel bugs, attract pollinators, etc)

    19= grow some PEANUTS. Make your own peanut butter. They are good protein, and they burn well because of the 20% oil content!

    I know ALL you guys who visit SGT, etc, are WELL INFORMED and will be MUCH better than all the idiot sheeple who are not prepared or who don’t believe trouble is coming.

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