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Banning Gmail in State Clinics, Creating Their Own Platforms: Russia’s Response to Wikileaks Vault 7 Revelations

from Rogue Money:

Of course, this does not mean that the Russia Analyst could ever do the impossible and prove a negative: that Russian hackers of the FSB or GRU didn’t get into the DNC’s servers, after 99.9% pillaging every U.S. government secret found on Hillary Clinton’s home bathroom server. Indeed if the Russian security services hadn’t data-mined the Clintons emails and servers for all they were worth, the intelligence officer in chief of Russia Vladimir Putin would be asking them behind closed doors if they were doing their jobs. But post-Vault 7 revelations about Russian and Chinese hacker signatures being stockpiled by Langley, bolster the argument that those cutsie Cyrillic metadata or signatures of Soviet secret policeman Feliks Dzerzhinsky the (CIA?) hackers allegedly left behind never jibed with the professionalism seen by Russian professionals state or non-state sponsored in other jobs. In other words, the hacks very likely if they did occur were a false flag to paper over an already detected insider dump from the DNC.

As this analyst has maintained since December, minus a convincing ‘chain of custody’ tying the alleged FSB or GRU hackers to Wikileaks, whose leader Assange has been under round the clock British police and GCHQ (very likely down to every keystroke and movement from room to room) surveillance since he entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London a few years ago, Occam’s Razor aka the simplest explanation is that Wikileaks is telling the truth. Which means the CIA under ‘Riyadh’ John Brennan, the Office of National Intelligence under James Clapper, and FBI/NSA to a lesser extent claiming to speak for 13 other intelligence agencies having confidence in their ‘assessments’ were either badly mistaken or lied in a bid to de-legitimize Trump as the ‘Siberian candidate’ before he could take office. The DNC and most of the Podesta emails indeed came from disgruntled insiders, one of whom, Seth Rich, probably paid for leaking the Clinton machine’s secrets with his life…

While neocon #NeverTrump ers fading in relevance such as the CFR’s Max Boot or WSJ’s Bret Stephens accuse anyone imagining that the CIA or some other (post)Western intelligence agency would engage in cyber false flags to pin blame on Russia or China of insanity or treason, the real issue goes much deeper than the premise behind the dirty Deep State’s legacy media-aided war on the Trump Administration. Is there any way to use modern smart phones, televisions or automobiles without running the risk that someone somewhere just might be listening? Are we all paranoids now or should we be, because as the saying goes about the Russians or anyone else, even paranoids can have enemies (take a good look at this Donald Trump Reddit thread for some chilling everyday examples of automated commercial snooping if not human surveillance)?

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