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Australia To Ban Unvaccinated Children From Attending School

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire:

Australia has announced plans to ban all unvaccinated children from attending school, in harsh new rules introduced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball.

Turnball says that parents need to vaccinate their children or suffer the humiliation of being excluded from the education system.

Under the new law, unvaccinated children from nursery preschool and childcare centers will be excluded from attending. The was prompted by a recent scandal in which a one-month-old baby died from whooping cough, which some experts claimed happened as a result of the child attending a childcare center where unvaccinated babies were present.

Sky News reports:

Mr Turnbull said: “This is not a theoretical exercise – this is life and death.

“If a parent says, ‘I’m not going to vaccinate my child,’ they’re not simply putting their child at risk, they’re putting everybody else’s children at risk, too.”

The “no jab no play” proposal would mean any child who is not vaccinated would not be allowed to attend childcare or preschool unless they had a medical condition that stopped them being immunised.

Currently 93% of children are vaccinated in Australia but Mr Turnbull wants to increase this to at least 95%.

The prime minister has written to state and community leaders asking them to support a nationwide policy and more consistent laws.

He said: “The level of public support for vaccination is so strong, I’m confident we will get a concerted national response.

“We protect all Australian children by ensuring that kids are vaccinated.”

The plan is supported by opposition leader Bill Shorten, who applauded the prime minister’s stance against anti-vaccination groups but also called for more to be done in educating people.

“I think we need to start educating parents as opposed to some of the crazier views they can read about on the internet,” he said.

The ban would be an extension of the Government’s policy of withholding the benefits payments to parents who don’t get their children vaccinated.

In the UK child vaccination is not mandatory but there are high take-up rates of parents getting their children immunised.

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18 comments to Australia To Ban Unvaccinated Children From Attending School

  • Bob

    Sounds like a great idea. Government should not have the right to force people to get vaccinated, but neither should people have the right to put others at risk because of a choice they made. No jab no play is a great compromise.

    • some guy

      You are a total moron Bob. Or a tool. If vaccination worked, it wouldn’t matter what other people do – vaccines would protect you. The fact that idiots like you miss this would be hard to believe except that humans are pretty stupid in general.

      • Sergio

        Hear, hear. It’s the unvaccinated who are at risk. Just had this very same conversation with a preschool teacher who was ranting that unvaccinated children posed a health Rick to others. I doubt I got through to her though, she is a Hillary admirer after all. It’s an unthinking response to big pharma propaganda.

      • tomche

        + 100000000000 – and Bob is a total moron…lol

        Anyone who really looks at this issue understands this entire vaccination thing is a complete ruse….from top to bottom. Fake, false and evil.

        However, now that the government has asserted itself in denying non vaccinated children from attending their indoctrination camps, perhaps this is an opportunity to create vaccine-free schools, GMO-free growing regions, and water free of fluoride. Just a thought…

    • JC


      You are so irrational and uninformed on this issue. Forcing a medical procedure on any non-consenting person is violence. Why is a one month old in a day care center? A baby that young should not be around small children in that type of environment. Furthermore, the whooping cough vaccine has been documented to spread the disease and infect those that have received it. This baby in this environment at this age is negligent. I know you are colored by your polio experience, but did you know Salk admitted that his vaccine actually spread the disease. Think on that for a minute.

      Big pharma is forcing their products on citizens with zero liabilty risk and all the benefits to be gained from sales and chronic illness treatment. Big pharma does not own me or my family, so I will resist and will not allow them to bully me into compliance

  • Ed_B

    “Australia To Ban Unvaccinated Children From Attending School”

    Excellent. If ever there was a better reason for home-schooling one’s kids, I have not heard it.

  • glitter 1

    My mother-in-law,who lives with us,got her “Free Senior Flue Shot” twice,two years back to back in the November time slot,2009 & 2010 if I recall. Guess what,within two weeks she came down with the flue then my son then my wife then me by New Years each of the two years.She hasn’t gotten her Free Flue Shot since and guess what,she hasn’t been sick since and neither have the rest of us.
    I never except a free flue shot,never and I don’t get the flue or any colds, etc.Instead I focus on maintaining my body as alkaline as possible,it works.

    “You don’t get the flue from the flue shot” is BS,you will never convince me otherwise!

    • Eric

      How bout a free kick in the nuts while you’re at it too?

      • KRELL427

        My Aunt got Guillain- Barre syndrome within 3 days of getting flu shot,totally paralyzed for about 9 months. Now she makes my dumb uncle get the shot so she won’t catch the flu from him. To her Putin is the number 1 enemy to mankind and Trump is #2 because he won’t show his income tax. I bite my tongue while having dinner at her place having to listen to the world as they see it.

      • glitter 1

        Nothing is for free,there’s always a catch.

  • Sayldog

    Muslim immigrants flowing into public schools. Anybody coming in from ME or Indonesian countries should be hit up with everything available.
    Might have something to do with it.

  • mike

    Well not all vaccine are bad..Polio, small pox were wiped off the face of the planet. My friend when I was growing up pops got polio when he was a kid and didn’t get the vaccine in time.Needless to say his legs didnt work and they looked like tooth picks.
    Dont have a problem with vacs at all. I traveled all over the world, spent years all over Asia ,Africa etc never got anything like yellow fever etc thanks to vacs. Even got the travelers (preexposure) Rabies shot, in some places more than once woke up with strange rodents in my sleeping bag. Rabies scared the shit out of me more than Ebola, sars or aids. Seeing kids with Rabies is the saddest thing you can imagine. Once they show symptoms they are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it except try to make them comfortable while they slowly die..It can also take 1-12 months to display symptoms, Rabies is straight from hell.
    As far as forcing I would say fine as long as the vaccine is for something common that could actually manifest itself and cause a large scale health crisis. I think there are probably too many vaccines. As long as not more than 1 is given in a month. Knew some military guys in my travels and they get like 10 in one day, think that is dangerous, body needs more time.

    • Eric

      Somehow I just knew you slept with rodents.

      • mike

        I must have been drunk and they tried to take advantage of this sexy guy :0

        The funny thing is they looked like pet type Rodents not regular rats, kind of cute!

    • glitter 1


      I started school in the 50’s,the only vaccines that I remember were the polio vaccine,it was administered as drops on a sugar cube and the smallpox vac where they would pic the upper left arm with a neddle,which hurt like a bitch.The only other shot I remember was the tetanus plus boosters,no MRR,Measles,Chicken Pox.I had the measles & chicken pox and that was it.I think/suspect those vaccines were different than the new modern varieties of let’s say the last 25-30yrs.Nobody heard of Autism when I was growing up,but it’s common place now,1 out of 100 kids.We didn’t get all the vaccines back then like they give today.The onset of all the Autism along with the incidence of the high battery of vaccines screams there has to be something there.My three grand daughters are vaccine free and are healthy,they are in private school and I’m glad.
      My daughter,with the three girls,had to get a vaccine for hep B/C when she was in vocational school for dental assisting.Two years later she was diagnosed with “ITP”:

      Her Immune system destroys her blood platelets to the point where she could spontaneously bleed internally. She has to monitor he counts continuously and receive transfusions of:

      I have absolutely no doubt that this auto immune disorder was the result of that hep B/C vaccine.She was absolutely in perfect health before that shot.She will have to monitor her blood platelets and get transfusions(3-4 yrly) for the rest of her life as a result,since there is no cure for ITP,which can kill if the treatments are not received in a timely basis.

      • mike

        Sorry to hear that, I had to get the hep vacs as well..Think only hep c is not curable and no vac for it so there really is no good reason to get the vacs for A&B. I was in Germany and the German doc would only give me 1 shot every two weeks, my work was pissed about the delay. At least the Germans years ago would not give the shots in one day clusters and would try to spread them out.

        My vet was telling me in vet school she had to get the Rabies shot as well and a student died almost immeadiatly after getting the shot. My vet was causal about it and said it was 1 in a million reaction but over all it was a good thing. As far as being in a profession where you are potentially exposed to Rabies everyday I agree with her since Rabies is so evil. Once you realize you have it, it’s to late.
        Again unless something is not easliy curable like Rabies people probably should not get the shot
        I had measles and chicken pox when I was little..In fact my mother told me she was glad in one sense knowing its better to get this stuff when your little than when your older. I still had to get the MMR shot to go to school. As far as I can remember some vacs were always mandatory in school.

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