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Antarctica: The Rockefeller Connection

from Rogue Money:

Bob, they’re after me.
— Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to future secretary Bob Lovett in Hobe Sound, Florida in April 1949

At this sixth episode in our Antarctica saga, it might be helpful to take a step back and view a timeline of important events that are either specifically connected to Antarctica or are connected to parallel world events. As this jigsaw puzzle continues to come into view, it is important to see how some events that you might never have considered to be related to our southern continent just might, after all, be entirely connected.

Timeline 1871 – 1965

1871 – Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton publishes fictional tale about the Vril, “The Coming Race,” set in a mythical world accessed by underground tunnel system. “Their society was a technologically supported Utopia, chief among their tools being an “all-permeating fluid” called “Vril”, a latent source of energy that the spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree that depended on their hereditary constitution.”

1888 – Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and other influential occultists spread the notion that the Vril idea is based on ancient wisdom truth.

1901-03 – first German Antarctic expedition

1911-13 – second German Antarctic expedition

1918 – Thule Society is established. Rudolf Hess is a prominent member. Maintains close association with Blavatsky’s Theosophy movement.

1924-1928 – Nicholas Roerich, the man who would inspire the occult symbols on the back of the redesigned $1 Bill in 1935, leads a search for “Shambhala” in Tibet.

1926 – Rockefeller finances Byrd’s flight over the North Pole.

1928 – Byrd begins first expedition to Antarctica. His flagship has a connection to the ‘Titanic’ tragedy.

In 1928, Byrd began his first expedition to the Antarctic involving two ships and three airplanes. One of his abandoned Fokkers is shown here. Byrd’s Flagship was the ‘City of New York’. It had been one of the ships in the vicinity of the Titanic but now re-christened.(Image: Wikipedia)

1929 – The Piri Reis map of prehistoric Antarctica “gets re-discovered” by a German theologian.

1930 – Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess send a German expedition to Tibet in 1930.

1933 – James Hilton writes the book “Lost Horizon,” a mythical paradise of immortality in an ice world.

1934 – Julius Evola publishes the book “Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga” which becomes a bible to the post-war Vienna Circle. (More about that in a future blog.)

1934 – Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess send another German expedition to Tibet.

1935 – Heinrich Himmler establishes the elite Ahnenerbe project to search for ancient wisdom that can be used to build new technology.

1935 – FDR orders the occult re-design of the $1 Bill under the influence of Henry Wallace who in turn was under the guidance of Nicholas Roerich. The design includes an Eye over a Pyramid. (but WHOSE pyramid?)

1936 – H.P. Lovecraft serializes fictional Antarctic horror story “At the Mountains of Madness.”

1938 – American polar explorer Richard Byrd lectures the Germans on recent intel about Antarctica, sponsored by the Thule Society.

“The 1938-1939 German Expedition to Tibet was a German scientific expedition from May 1938 to August 1939, led by German zoologist and SS officer Ernst Schäfer.” (Image: Wikipedia)

1938 – Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess send a THIRD German expedition to Tibet.

1938-1939 – Germany launches third expedition to Antarctica and stake Nazi flags all over Norway’s claim on the northern coast.

1944 – Maison Rouge meeting August 10th. Nazi elites set up their corporate escape plans.

1945 – Nazi elites escape Berlin to southern hemisphere; propaganda of Hitler suicide is handed to the Allies by Karl Doenitz, deals are made that allow Nazi research and financial empire to continue functioning.

1945 – British rescue Operation Tabarin in Antarctica; claims made of fully functional and militarized Nazi cavern base and engineered “Polar Men.”

1946-47 – Disastrous Operation Highjump. Byrd warns of enemy craft that can fly from pole to pole. [See my previous episode linked here.]

1947 – Crash at Roswell, NM of unidentified flying object. Two-way opposite propaganda stream emerges to divert public attention from southern hemisphere German tech. (“Weather Baloon” vs “Extraterrestrial”)

1947 – CIA, Dept of Air Force, Dept of Defense all established. The rise of the Deep State (aka National Security State) begins.

1948 – Austrian Nazi scientist Ronald Richter gets Argentina’s president Juan Peron to fund a nuclear research facility in Bariloche, known as the Huemul Project. He claims limited success in the development of fusion power.

1949 – America’s first Secy of Defense, James Forrestal, gets suicided on May 22. He had oversight of Operation Highjump.

1950 – Vienna Circle continues to promote the Nazi Vril mythos to later be succeeded by the Causa Nostra.

1957 – Admiral Byrd dies on March 11. “Byrd died in his sleep on March 11, 1957, of a heart ailment at his Brimmer Street home in the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston.”

1959 – F. Amadeo Giannini, publishes the book “Worlds beyond the Poles: Physical Continuity of the Universe.” The books sets off a firestorm of controversy by making an unproven claim that Admiral Byrd made trips to both Antarctica and the North Pole in 1947.

1959 – Antarctic Treaty signed. “The treaty, entering into force in 1961 and having 53 parties as of 2016, sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, establishes freedom of scientific investigation and bans military activity on that continent. The treaty was the first arms control agreement established during the Cold War. The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat headquarters have been located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since September 2004.”

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  • anon

    “Antarctica: The Rockefeller Connection”? That’s some hard-hitting journalism.

    How about “Communism: The ‘Jew’-ish Connection”?

    That would be a more necessary article. Judging from the complete and total IGNORANCE of both AMERICAN LIB~TARDS & AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ‘ZIONISTS’.

  • anon

    The level of DECEPTION & CORRUPTION has become so pervasive, that even the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES cannot escape it (Trump/”Obamagate”). Not since Nov. 22, 1963, at least. Of course, all we need to do, is study the secret ECONOMIC HISTORY of the United States, and we can see, that the corruption was with us ~ THROUGHOUT U.S. HISTORY ~ even George Washington himself was thoroughly convinced of the corruption of which I speak, when he read John Robison’s book: PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY (1798). AMERICAN LIBTARDS & AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ‘ZIONISTS’ NEED TO STUDY HISTORY (ESPECIALLY THE ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES!) START HERE:

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    Source: The Attempted Clinton-CIA Coup Against Donald Trump

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    EXPOSED! “Jew”-ish (Russian) REDS & NY Times ‘Started’ The HOLO-HOAX, by Mike S. King

  • anon

    Question: HOW MANY WHITE, CAUCASIAN AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN SOLDIERS DIED DURING WWI, AND WWII? I’ve checked into it. The best number I can find is: 82,911,000 deaths in both World Wars. How many “Jews” are said to have been “gassed” in the NON-EXISTENT (according to “Jew”-ish researcher David Cole) “GAS” Chambers under Hitler, the Nazis and ~ NATIONAL ~ SOCIALISM? Reportedly, again, by the “Jews” ~ “6 Million”. “SIX Million”, compared to 82 Million, 911 THOUSAND total deaths during WWII. Yeah, “6 Million” is a “Holo-caust”, but no mention of the nearly 83 MILLION MAINLY WHITE, CAUCASIAN, NON-“JEW”-ISH AMERICANS & THEIR MAINLY WHITE, CAUCASIAN NON-“JEW”-ISH EUROPEAN COUSINS, who sadly, were DECEIVED INTO BOTH WWI AND WWII, & killed each other off, while Western predominantly “Jew”-ish FINANCIERS continued to operate the Western Financial system in perpetuity, creating inter-generational wealth, for themselves, and their heirs. Interesting, huh? Question: WHO, WHICH TRIBE, EXACTLY, is behind “Political Correctness”? Answer: It’s the “Jews”! Specifically, “Jew”-ish COMMUNISTS (secretly funded by “Jew”-ish ZIONISTS). But, hey, don’t take MY word for it:

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    (1st U.S. PRESIDENT George Washington himself, read this book, and after reading it stated in no uncertain terms, that NO ONE “was more convinced than He was”!, of the truths contained in this book, regarding the ACTUAL CONSPIRACY that is playing out in the world today, and has been playing out, since AT LEAST, 1541 AD. Ever heard of PAUL WARBURG? Rothschild-agent Paul Warburg, of Kuhn Loeb & Co., co-founder of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”? He is a descendant of a 16th Century VENETIAN BANKING FAMILY, called then, the “Del Banco” Family. Source: Wait a sec! What is a descendant of a 16th Century VENETIAN “Del Banco” Banking Family doing co-creating the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in 1913 AD in AMERICA? (For those not familiar with the term “16th Century” ~ it refers to the 1500’s, such as for example, 1541 AD, and the founding of the “Society of Jesus” (Jesuits) ~ IT’S THE SAME TIME PERIOD OF HISTORY.




  • anon

    As you listen to the GREAT President JFK, in his “PEACE SPEECH” (here:, recall that it was Western Anglo-JUDAIC “elites” (Rothschilds, WARBURGS, SCHIFFS, and other “Jew”-ish ZIONIST FINANCIERS on WALL STREET!, in the ‘City’ of London, and in Germany) who FINANCED the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” AND, as Professor Antony Sutton concluded, in his book THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY ~ BUILT UP THE U.S.S.R. ~ FROM THE BEGINNING ~ BY FINANCING THE U.S.S.R. AND IT’S TECHNOLOGICAL (& WEAPONS OF WAR) DEVELOPMENT! EVEN DURING THE SO-CALLED “COLD WAR” !!! (ZIONIST Rothschild-Israel, est. 1948, in sunny, historic PALESTINE). Israel, SO “INCLUSIVE”, and “Multi-Cultural” towards the PALESTINIANS! LOL!) Why is it, that everyone in the U.S. must be “inclusive” and “multi-cultural” TO OUR OWN DETRIMENT, TO ~ EVERYONE ~ ELSE, and have an OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER TO MEXICO, AND ALLOW AS MANY ARABS (AND EVERYONE ELSE!) INTO THE COUNTRY AS POSSIBLE, yet, Israeli “Jews” can kill PALESTINIANS without any criminal prosecution? (Hint: The ZIONIST SUPREMACIST “Jews” OWN the Western LEGAL SYSTEM!, as well as the U.S. Government!, AND THE MAINSTREAM (FAKESTREAM) MEDIA, via their control over the Western FINANCIAL SYSTEM (BIS/IMF/World Bank/ECB/”Federal” “Reserve”/SWIFT Payment system). They literally control the ~ entire ~ Western Hemisphere.

    Recall also, that is was FREEMASONIC (“ILLUMINATI”) “JEWS” NOT ONLY ~ WHO FINANCED ~ the so-called “spontaneous” “Russian” “Revolution”, but it was also FREEMASONIC “JEWS” ~ Lenin, Trotsky (and a very long list of others, a majority of whom derived from the Lower East Side of Manhattan!) WHO CARRIED OUT ~ the so-called “spontaneous” “Russian” “Revolution”. DOCUMENTED FACT. Read THE SECRET BEHIND COMMUNISM, by Dr. David Duke, AND/OR, if you prefer, read UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, by Juri Lina (3rd edition, 592 pages), both of which, you may obtain DIRECTLY from the authors, on their websites. It’s the “Jews” behind COMMUNISM. But, NOT ONLY is it the “Jews” behind COMMUNISM ~ they are also, DOCUMENTED HISTORICALLY (see below), behind ALL of the following: 1) Western International Central Banking, since at least 1815 AD, in the ‘City’ of London (Nathan Rothschild), 2) JESUITS (“Society of Jesus”, 1541 AD), 3) “ILLUMINATI” (or TOP-LEVEL Freemasonry, 1776), 4) Speculative Freemasonry (1717), 5) Communism (1848), 6) La Cosa Nostra (1800’s), 7) Zionism (1897). It was Nathan Rothschild who essentially gained the prominent position in the London Stock Exchange in 1815, as Napoleon was losing the Battle of Waterloo. It was a coterie of “Marrano” or “Converso” “Jews” around “Marrano” or “Converso” “Jew” IGNATIUS LOYOLA, who formed the “Society of Jesus” (JESUITS) between 1536 and 1541, with the help of VENETIAN Cardinal Gasparo Contarini, in order to get an audience with the Pope. Gasparo Contarini ~ in classic HEGELIAN DIALECTICAL FORM ~ also supported THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION, begun by Martin Luther, author of the book THE JEWS & THEIR LIES. (No, I’m NOT making this up. Look it up for yourself!) On May 1, 1776, JESUIT-trained, Professor at Ingolstadt, Adam Weishaupt, rolled out his “Order of the Illuminati”, which brought into its ranks only the highest members of society (European Nobility, “Jew”-ish Merchants & BANKERS, JESUITS, “Black Nobility”) ~ like the so-called House of Windsor ~ of GERMAN extraction ~ originally from the GUELPH House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ~ GUELPHS, who supported the Papacy, over Roman Empire (Imperial) authority, as opposed to the GHIBELLINES, who supported Imperial (Roman Empire) authority. Weishaupt’s “Order of the Illuminati” essentially brought high-level FREEMASONS into the “Order” to HIJACK the entire organization of FREEMASONRY, FROM THE TOP! He did this with ROTHSCHILD support. Modern, speculative Freemasonry is, itself, of “Jew”-ish Origin: “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Br. Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America, March 8, 1866. It was (“Jew”) MOSES HESS, mentor to both (“Jew”) KARL MARX and FRIEDRICH ENGELS, who was the true originator of COMMUNISM as an ideology. It was ITALIAN FREEMASON, Guiseppi Mazzini, behind the creation of a FREEMASONIC organization for the Italian Mafia ~ called LA COSA NOSTRA ~ or, in English: “OUR THING” ~ nicely and purposely vague, for an organization (Freemasonry) that is dedicated to “Jew”-ish (ZIONIST/SUPREMACIST) interests. It was (“Jew”) Theodor Herzl, that is officially credited with being behind the ideology of ZIONISM (1897). It turns out, it was these SAME Rothschild-agents, in the ‘City’ of London, on WALL STREET, and in Germany, and elsewhere, who were behind BOTH WWI, AND WWII !

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