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ANONYMOUS: The Biggest Threat to Humanity and to Earth is… FUKUSHIMA

from Anonymous:

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2 comments to ANONYMOUS: The Biggest Threat to Humanity and to Earth is… FUKUSHIMA

  • tomche

    The Pacific ocean is just about dead. Anyone eating seafood from there is ingesting tasteless, odorless yet deadly radioisotopes of cesium 137, strontium and Iodine 131. The big fish (Tuna, Marlin, swordfish, etc) and the bottom dwellers (crabs, shrimp and the like) are all big accumulators of radioisotopes. When you eat them, you get what’s inside them. And NO ONE is test them. Sushi anyone?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    You are exactly right. It’s all kinds of isotopes & elements. Plutonium included. That’s a nasty one with some isotopes of it having a half life longer than 10 earth lifetimes (I think I read it can be over 100 billion years).

    A single particle, even just a few atoms of that one, gets into the gut or lungs, causes cancer, the organism dies and rots into dust, becomes loose in the water, air or soil, and is taken up by a tree, then after a few hundred years the tree dies, and that same particle is in something else, and is eaten by another animal or absorbed into another plant and it just keeps on killing for billions of years.

    There are dozens or even hundreds of dangerous isotopes. The Pacific water evaporates into the sky, becomes clouds, floats over the land and comes down as rain, all around the globe.

    Do a google search (and images) for radiation damaged plants, veggies, flowers, trees, etc. Researchers have already documented radiation damaged trees in Colorado, Michigan, NY state, Washington state, Oregon, Kansas, Florida, California, England, Europe, and back over Japan again, repeat forever.

    The least dangerous location inside the USA, appears to be Florida. Look at the normal fluctuations of the Jet stream, and get out of it, don’t be under it or NORTH of it. Stay “south” of it.

    If you plan on moving to the Southern Hemisphere, I’d stay away from all locations on the Pacific, and head to the Atlantic side. Do your homework, and it appears that Uruguay is the best location, not just to avoid Fukushima, but also to avoid the massive crime and corruption of Brazil. Uruguay’s weather is about the same as the USA Gulf states area. Low population density, lower cost of living, highly developed infrastructure etc.

    Learning Spanish is the hard part, (as well as getting moved.)

    Getting stuck in the USA? HEPA filter for air. Green sand (Zeolite), carbon, DE, & silver filters for water.

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