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ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH Household Debt in Canada! U.S. Student Loan Debt Ready to BURST!

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH Household Debt in Canada! U.S. Student Loan Debt Ready to BURST!

  • buffy

    Money is Debt. The money in your bank account is someone’s debt. So if all debt is extinguished (paid), then say goodbye to the money in your bank account.
    This includes ALL your investments (RRSP, 401K, Government and private pension plans…ETC, ETC, ETC)

    Its a catch 22 failure. Everyone wants more money, therefore, somewhere in the system more debt has to be created. (money = debt)
    Its a sinister system but easy to understand. (money = debt)
    Therefore, anytime you hear that your hydro bill is going up, or your cell phone service is going up or the taxman needs more money, that’s because the system is trying to sustain itself and keep your bank account as full as possible.

  • buffy

    I never hear anyone complain about too much money in their bank account, or that their investments are growing too high or too fast. (money=debt)
    But you always hear people complain about debt.

    money in my bank account = debt (someone else’s debt)
    more money in my bank account = more debt
    my investments growing = debt

    In our current system you cannot have money or more money without debt or more debt. (money = debt)
    So you better hope the debt monster never dies or stops growing, otherwise you lose all your money…sorry, but this is just the way it currently works.

    If Christ came back to save the world, he would start by destroying this sinister system. Everyone would lose their money (wealth). This would make many people very angry. They would probably want to nail him to a cross.

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