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Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Adulting is, simply put, the process of being an adult.

It appears to be deceptively simple: Get a job, pay rent or a mortgage, meet your utility bills so the power and water stay on, and have enough left for transportation and groceries.

Too bad it’s not that simple.

See, adulting also includes anticipating likely or worse, mathematically or physically certain — or highly likely — events.

For example your car will wear out. Your house will require a new roof. Your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer and coffee maker will fail. They’re mechanical things and most require some sort of maintenance — but even if not it is a certainty that at some point all will require replacement. You had better budget for these events in advance lest you not have the money when they turn turtle on you.

If you allow yourself to become overweight you are much more likely to require medical attention. If you allow yourself to become obese then your odds go way up for a whole host of really nasty problems: Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, the destruction of your hip and knee joints and more. In fact it is virtually certain you will have weight-related medical problems serious enough to impair your enjoyment of life and cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now add to this the facts in this post I authored, particularly relating to the economic scamjob aimed directly at you in the form of the medical system.

Six years ago, approximately, I decided that the people of this nation would not, as a group, “adult.”

I therefore decided that the only way to reduce the risk to myself of finding myself severely disabled, broke, dead or probably all three within a relatively short period of time (a decade or two) was to get rid of the spare tire I was carrying around on a permanent basis.

That required not a diet but a lifestyle change.

So I did it.

Let’s talk about what you put in the pie-hole for a minute. What part of being an adult with an allegedly functional brain allows you to believe that if you eat what farmers feed pigs, cows and other animals to make them fat on purpose you will become and remain thin and healthy? Isn’t it far more likely that if you eat grains you will get fat exactly as does said cow or sow right before they’re slaughtered?

By changing what I ate because I decided to adult in that regard (and thus dropping 60lbs) I made it far less likely that I will run into said medical scamjob. I also, at the same time, came to terms with acceptance of my mortality if I did face that anyway — in other words, no, they’re not going to get all of my resources; I’m going to dispose of them as I wish instead to those who I wish and if that means I die earlier than I otherwise would then so be it.

But what’s adult about allowing the fantasy-land crap to be sold to you without consequence not only by food producers but so-called “experts” in the form of “dieticians” and “doctors” who we now know were and are peddling factual falsehoods? Low fat? That means high-carb, because it has to; you have to replace the fats with something. The original “7 nations” study was riven through with fraud, and that’s been known for a couple of decades. There are multiple populations in the northern latitudes (e.g. Arctic) which had historical zero obesity rates and introduced modern “foods” — all of them blow up like balloons. What were they eating before? Animal flesh, almost-exclusively — for obvious reasons (plants don’t do so good up there for a huge part of the year!) If saturated fat is so bad then explain the zero obesity rates among a population that almost-exclusively eats venison and fish — right up until they add pasta to the mix, at which point they turn into fatties.

Now continue by explaining how adult it is for you to silently allow this garbage to be peddled not only to you but also to your children, with utterly-predictable outcomes? Let me remind you: Over half of all adults are either overweight or obese.

While we’re on this subject let’s talk about how adult it is for you, or anyone else, to scream about “fat-shaming.” You’re really going to tell me that someone pointing out that you’re killing yourself is “abusive”? Since when does that constitute anything other than telling you the truth? Do you like being lied to? Do you like being coddled all the way into a box 6′ under ground? That’s exactly what arguing against “fat-shaming” is! You ought to thank those who make you feel uncomfortable in this fashion because they just might, if their criticism jolts you into adulting, save your life!

Now let’s talk about some of the other things you deal with daily. Why are you on either Verizon or AT&T? Unless you have some sort of negotiated business account, that is, in which case it might make sense. If you need Verizon’s coverage buy it via Straight Talk! The exception: If you need tethering, which these days is a lot less likely with free WiFi damn near everywhere. Are Sprint and T-Mobile worth considering? Maybe, but not on their “unlimited” plans, which are insanely expensive unless you have three or four heavily-used lines. Might they make sense if you have two teens? Maybe, if you force the teens to pay their part of the bill — which means they need a job! Otherwise, no: $90 gets you a 5Gb data allowance on two lines from Straight Talk and you pick the carrier — T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon (depending on what your phone is compatible with) and if you’re single there’s no penalty since it’s $45/line, period.

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