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from What They Won’t Tell You:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That was interesting to see some of the stuff that the Podestas have been doing.

    Abbey did not pull any punches.

    • wauhoo

      Yes, incredible piece, and not even a peep about Pizzagate or Pedogate which is going to bring the entire government down.
      BTW, a lot of audio interference plus an AVG warning while watching.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        No audio interference or anti virus warnings…but hey, I’m using Kubuntu (Linux) & Firefox with some adblocker addons (Ublock) and a “Flashblock”.

        Working very nicely.

        Have NOT experience any BSOD or system “freeze ups” since going “Linux” back when Windows 7 was big. and I’m STILL using the SAME version of Linux (updates are easy, and never so crazy as Windows).

        People don’t even know my system is Linux until I show them, and they begin to see that getting away from Windows may be easier than they ever thought possible.

        PS. Android is a version of Linux.

        • wauhoo

          Thanks for the tip. I have a laptop being converted to Linux to see if I like it. Sounds like I will.
          (Also escaped from Detwah)

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            About Linux, there are more than 100 types, and many will not work on some systems, some have complexities that I found bad for me, some are easy, etc.

            I spent a little bit of time at reading up on many different “flavors” of Linux. I did not intend to spend much time, but it got interesting digging information about the different types, and before I knew it, a couple hours had passed.

            I learned there is “Live Linux”, it means you burn that version to a disc, slap it into your drive, cycle the power, and when your machine starts, it will be loading linux into RAM only (not touching your hard drive), and you can experience that flavor without losing your current WINDOWS. After you’ve found a “live version” you are happy with, then you either “install it”, or have to download the “installation version”.

            Live loads, take longer to be ready than booting an “installed” version. But the LIVE version,will even work in a computer that has NO HARD DRIVE too.

            I spent time, reading the REVIEWS and FORUMS on many versions. I can ONLY use a version that has a GUI (graphical user interface) because I don’t know “command line” (DOS style) stuff. I’m a MOUSE CLICK guy.

            I’ve played with Mint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Gnome, KDE, LXE, Knoppix, Sabayon, Mandriva, Peppermint, Kanotix, Gentoo, etc.. AND, be very careful if your machine has a 32 bit CPU, you can ONLY use 32 bit versions. (My old laptop from 2005, is a 32 bit, dual core with only 1GB of ram, and it works FINE.) I recently added more RAM, and now has 2.5GB.

            There are versions of Linux that look much like XP, and many that are strange, or similar a bit to Apple. Music studio versions, student, mathematicians, science, dummies, techies, programmers, office, etc.

            I downloaded and burned about a dozen varieties onto disks, (labeled them with version, name and date), and played with them to help me find one I could use.

            Sometimes I hated it (just like hating Windows problems), other times I like it, but kept going till I found one better for me than others.

            OK,, I hope this helps.

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