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A Look Inside A Chinese Silver Coin Counterfeiting Ring

from Silver Doctors:

For several years, rumors have swirled of silver investors being scammed by fake Chinese counterfeits of US silver coins – mainly from online auction sites.

We now have VISUAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of the Chinese Counterfeiting Ring the Fake Silver Coins Are Coming From:

The Chinese Counterfeiting Ring Exposed in the Photos Below is Not A One Man Operation.

This Appears to Be a Full-Fledged Counterfeiting Operation, and is Suspected of Pumping Out THOUSANDS OF FAKE SILVER COINS into the US Coin Market Every Month – Mainly to Unsuspecting Customers of Online Auction Houses With eBay Reportedly Being Hit the Hardest.

While for the past several years the counterfeiters have focused on pumping out circulated silver Morgan dollars, they are reportedly now expanding into the Graded Coin Market, placing fake silver coins into graded NGC and PCGS slabs.

The photo below reportedly reveals the actual fake silver coins being placed inside fake NGC and PCGS slabs:

This coin press is striking fake Silver Morgan Dollars:

The fake Morgans coming off of this press appear to be in Proof condition:

Close-up of fake silver Morgan dollars:

Most small coin dealers believe they can spot fake silver coins by sight or touch, but These are HIGH quality counterfeits:

Not only are the fake silver coins not authentic, but as our readers would imagine, are not even pure silver, as the Chinese counterfeiters have created look-alike alloys that closely mimic silver’s density.

In the photo below, a female Chinese worker is applying edge lettering to a bag of fake silver coins:

As the photo below reveals, these guys are minting much more than fake morgan dollars:

Fake silver dies in the photo include fake numismatic Greek Drachmas and British Crown coins as well as US coins.

Two male Chinese workers run a fake silver coin press:

For perspective, the boxes/briefcase depicted in the picture below appear to be monster-box sized boxes of silver containing thousands of fake-silver coins, using the blue step stool as a reference point.

One interesting thing to note is it appears that all of the fake silver coins are counterfeit rare/numismatic coins, rather than bullion coins or rounds like modern Silver Eagles, Silver Maples, or Silver Philharmonics, which reveals they’re being passed as high-quality rare/numismatic coins, and not purely for their “silver” content.

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