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4 Positives For Gold Moving Forward

from GoldandLiberty:

Joseph E. Meyer, writer of the Straight Money Analysis Report has, for nearly five decades, been personally and professionally involved with the U.S. financial industry. He has literally helped thousands of people find their ways through the maze of questions that can arise in an ever-changing financial environment. Meyer has seen good markets turn bad and then turn back toward prosperity again. Joseph Meyer has the answers that only experience and common sense can provide.

1) The stagnant economy at some point in the future will require additional fiscal stimulus. The purported economic recovery has been very anemic with growth levels very low for a given number of consecutive years. The current strength in both the U.S. equity markets and the U.S. dollar are very temporary. I am looking for both to reverse soon.

2) World banking and global financial systems continue to be under pressure. Monetary scientists are riding the back of the tiger as the entire system is on the brink of insolvency. The days of the U.S. dollar being the world’s reserve currency are coming to an end. The world is now seeking a currency to anchor the global financial sector that is backed by gold. China continues to add to their massive holdings of both gold and silver. It also important to note that China is now the largest gold producer in the world. The long-held petrol dollar is now increasingly being bypassed as countries are now buying oil and gas with Gold.

3) Federal budget deficits now top over a $100 trillion. This will leave America’s long-term liabilities grossly unfunded. We are also running $1 trillion annual budget deficit on a consistent basis, with the current national debt exceeding $20 trillion. It is clear and apparent to all that will acknowledge it that at some point we will witness a massive debasement of the U.S. dollar. The world bond market is now the biggest bubble in history. It has grown from the level of just $10 trillion in 1999 to currently exceeding $100 trillion. If we look at the expansion of the bond market since the last financial crisis in 2006, the global bond market has gone up by 70 percent.

4) The recent price weakness in both gold and silver were very temporary, offering once again a very excellent long-term entry point into these markets. The current and continuing strength the price of crude oil is also signaling to me we will see much higher both gold and silver prices in 2017 and beyond. Few will acknowledge the fact that he U.S. equity markets is extremely over-valued, widely over extended, and rampantly euphoric.

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