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3 Exciting New Ways to Destroy Humanity That Everyone is Talking About!

from The Daily Bell:

You know what everyone is really nostalgic for? The good old days during the Cold War when everyone thought humanity was going to be wiped out by a nuclear holocaust. There was something cozy about nuclear fallout shelters and cowering under a desk as the air raid sirens blared in the distance.

Now-a-days, people don’t seem to be peeing their pants as often about the possible extinction of our species at the hands of governments and their nefarious technologies winding up in the wrong hands.

The Trump election was a good little boost to the doom the media sells, but it targeted the same demographic that Global Warming whipped into a frenzy. We are already past Al Gore’s ten year mark for the point of no return, and with no mutant polar bears invading the lower 48, the fear we needed to create from Climate Change just hasn’t panned out.

And with the disappointing end to the Obama administration, without filling the FEMA camps with gun owners and preppers, how can the media hit that key right wing demographic that needs to think the world is going to end?

Cue the insect drone nukes, killer robots, and swarming bio-nano-terror-bots!

1. Mini-Nukes

Big nukes are so 1950’s! Today it is all about compact, portable, adorable little forms of nuclear destruction.

CNBC tells us that by 2020 not only will governments have completed making miniature nukes that can be delivered with insect sized drones, but also that terrorists will already have their hands on them through the black market.

A Cambridge University conference on global catastrophic risk found a 5 percent risk of nanotech weapons causing human extinction before the year 2100.

As for the mini-nukes, Del Monte expects they represent “the most horrific near-term nanoweapons.”

Nanotechnology opens up the possibility to manufacture mini-nuke components so small that they are difficult to screen and detect. Furthermore, the weapon (capable of an explosion equivalent to about 100 tons of TNT) could be compact enough to fit into a pocket or purse and weigh about 5 pounds and destroy large buildings or be combined to do greater damage to an area.

“When we talk about making conventional nuclear weapons, they are difficult to make,” he said. “Making a mini-nuke would be difficult but in some respects not as difficult as a full-blown nuclear weapon.”

The Cambridge report estimates a 19% chance of human extinction by 2100. Seems legit. Oh and by the way, that is based on an informal survey that had absolutely no scientific basis.

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