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2nd Most Important Part Of A SHTF Sanitation Kit

from Reality Survival:

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1 comment to 2nd Most Important Part Of A SHTF Sanitation Kit

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Great little video. Wise advice.

    Don’t forget, as part of your sanitation kit is …BLEACH.

    As for the nasty toilet functions? Another great product is the Clumping Kitty Litter!!!

    Put in a small scooper in the bottom of the liner, do you business, and toss another scoop on top.

    If you get the kitty litter in the plastic BUCKET, then you can use the Bucket for a toilet, or for storing things inside it.

    Buy a couple of those “squirt-pump bottles”, mix water with bleach, and you’ve got a handy way to spray contaminated things.

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