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A 1988 edition of the Rothschild-controlled Economist magazine predicted a world currency by the year 2018. If that 30 year prediction is to manifest, it will be achieved through the implementation of sheer chaos among the world’s top currencies. Then like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the world will be forced to accept the new global currency and the Bankster’s evil plan. Joe from Realist News and the Jsnip4 You Tube channel joins me to discuss this, and much much more.

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  • knowtoomuch

    To circle back to your Ken Schortgen interview :

    ■ “Jews” finally ADMIT 95% of them have NO semite ancestors but descend from Khazars :

    ■ Khazar “jews” massmurdering Russians / Khazarian origin of the “jews” :

    • uwef wieufhwe



      Started in Ukraine but holds power in just about every developed country in the world.
      The Largest Group Youve Never Heard OF–

      Chabad Lubavitch

    • mike

      Another Eric is stupid video..

      With china supposedly having 30k tons of gold and god knows how much the Indians have plus the entire worlds consumption of gold i asked a simple Question that one could answer or even attempted to answer besides parrot links to jibberish.


      The recent FOA request for gold holdings basically said all the gold still in FT Knox? Besides with the alt media incessant reports of china,india etc the FT Knox gold would have been gone years ago and there would be no gold at all. Resulting in the big defaults we have all been waiting so patiently. So I suggested it was the miners selling out the back door and all mining data had to be off. I have no doubt the miners do manipulate tier numbers. The easiest way to see that is their stated cost of production and estimates from idiots like srs ro coo coo bird. A business can not for years essentially pay people to take thier product. There is a massive amount of gold coming into the market from somewhere if indeed China is buying up world mining supply every year. So coupled with mine and retailer manipulation there also is illegal mining. Think that one kid that was busted alone moved 40 tons. Eric of course along with the Canadian immeadiatly went on the attack. Blinded by who knows what except for Eric’s parrot links.
      Moral of the story Eric does no research at all just parrots parrots and ignores everything right in front of him….A better way of saying it is Eric is an ass.

      20 Trillion in debt Eric..Silver far from 150/oz at 17.8…Maybe you meant silver will rise $1.50 not $150/oz easy?

      • Eric


        Drained from the LBMA, COMEX, and the GLD.

        I’ve documented this for you below as well as many times previously. It’s gone from the west to the east.

        “The best estimate at the end of 2011 is that around 165,000 metric tons (or tonnes) have been mined in all of human history.”

        The metric system is complicated for you isn’t it mike?

        China imported 1300 tons last year.

        As for Fort Knox…

        “From the examples above it should be clear that the Deep Storage gold has not been audited by professionals, but the precious metals have been verified by imbeciles. Clearly the scale was repeatedly handled by amateurs, which throws a wrench at the integrity of the entire US official gold reserves auditing project. I’m not at all surprised the US Mint has tried everything to keep the records of the auditors out from the pubic domain. Fortunately most of it will be out in the open eventually. The citizenry of the world deserves to know everything there is about the Deep Storage gold.”

        I know it’s complicated and long stuff to read but why don’t you at least TRY to put the pieces together so I don’t have to keep making you look like the idiot jackass that can’t read and that you are.

        Okay mike? 🙂

        • mike

          China alone with 30 tons not to mention the rest of world demand?/lol coming from the lbma ahahahaha fool. It is coming from mines cooking the books and non permitted strip mines. Meaning there is tons of easy gold still available to mine. If Enrique
          and his buddy can mine mine 40 ton at virtually zero expense..How many other Enrique’s are out there..Wake up clown gold is not rare and at $50/oz is more than a fair price. Why is it at 1200? Pumpers aka miners/retailer manipulation..

          Ever hear of Debeers? You then understand Diamonds are very common and littered on the ground. Same thing with gold mining companys they control supply and hate it when Enrique sneaks in and easily mines for himself 40 tons.Kind of fucks up their bread and butter as far as rarity.

      • Eric

        That was hilarious mike! My favorite part…

        “I have no doubt the miners do manipulate tier numbers. The easiest way to see that is their stated cost of production and estimates from idiots like srs ro coo coo bird. A business can not for years essentially pay people to take thier product.”

        Because it’s so easy with “one man and one machine” right? lol.

        I don’t know what you’re so worked up about. Gold is rising. And you “have tons of the stuff.”

        Right? lol.

        • Eric

          By the way, First Majestic Silver’s all in sustaining cash costs for 2017E are $11.96-$12.88 per oz. and they produced about 12 million ounces last year and estimate the same this year.

          So if it costs them around $12 to mine it, and the price is $17-$18, how are they “essentially pay(ing) people to take thier product???”

          I can’t wait to hear your logic behind that simple math.

  • Eric

    April 23 – Election in France
    May 1 – Mayday protests
    May 23 – Election in Italy
    May 31 – US Government runs out of money.
    More rate hikes?
    September 24 – Election in Germany

    1 Year Relative Performance…

    Palladium up 40.01%
    Orange Juice up 35.43%
    Cotton up 30.85%
    Silver up 14.37%

    Silver is REAL WEALTH and the most undervalued, underowned, and underpriced asset on the planet that is nobody else’s obligation! Just like Gold, it should be a part of your portfolio.

    Gotta thank JSNIP for the recommendation on the Jesus Clears the Temple 10 oz. bar. I picked up a second one.

    A drop to 1220-1225 would be a gift!

    Don’t forget to get your bitcoin tattoo…

    • glitter 1

      They always roll out their stuff over seas first then move West,funny how that goes.Who would’ve thought that all of India has been bio-metriced.

    • o p

      Triangle in Logo on Storefront : Check
      Store In The Shape of the Black Cube of Saturn : Check

    • Ed_B


      “Palladium up 40.01%
      Orange Juice up 35.43%
      Cotton up 30.85%
      Silver up 14.37%”

      Yep… and somehow, the Fed has difficulty finding a mere 2% inflation. Anyone who shops for food or clothing knows better than this. I bought a 6-pack of cotton athletic socks 2 days ago for $6.69. A year ago, an almost identical 6-pack from the same store was $4.99. That’s a rise of $1.70… in a year! That translates to inflation on that one item of almost 34.1%.
      I know that single item prices do not determine the rate of inflation but there are a lot of things out there that are up low double digits from a year ago. The slight of hand calcs used by the US Gov and Fed show very little inflation and this is done to limit the COLAs of those in retirement. This is why a lot of older folks are only getting a SS raise of $5 a year or less at a time when their living expenses are rising at 10-12% a year overall. The plan here seems to be a freeze on SS and other retirement benefits that are based on the official inflation rate established by the Fed, the US Gov, and the SSA. The value of SS is withering on the vine. They are not ending it but they are ending its usefulness. Not that this affects me but it does affect many older Americans who are barely getting by these days.

      If I were king (lol!), I would freeze the US Gov’s spending at, say 2005 levels, only hire new federal employees who were needed specialists, and let that take care of the over-spending problem. If that wasn’t enough, then it would be time to create a national sales tax that ONLY could be used for national debt reduction and no other purpose. FedZilla HAS to be brought under control and the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is financial starvation.

      • Eric

        Oh no Ed.

        CPI was up to 2.7% in February. lol.

        Check out this equation I just heard from somebody being interviewed on Kitco. It works. Remember we had that big move in the 10 yr. US Treasury from 1.4% in July to 2.6% in December?

        2.60% (10 year US Treasury) – 2.5% (CPI) = Positive rate of return = Gold falls.

        2.60% (10 year US Treasury) – 2.7% (CPI) = Negative rate of return = Gold rises.

        CPI is ramping upward…

        2.41% now. Either Gold keeps moving up right now as the 10 year Treasury yield keeps falling to 2.10% before finding new support there, or we see the 10 year Treasury trade up to 2.8% plus real soon.

        Check out the chart at the bottom…

        • Eric

          I forgot to mention in that equation that CPI was 2.5% in January, which is why Gold fell to $1200.

          Also, would not be surprised at all if we saw the markets keep selling off a bit more while the “flight to safety” results in the 10 year trading at 2.10 and Gold testing the 1265 or even 1300 level.

          Watch the 98.70-99.00 level on the USD US Dollar Index.

        • Eric

          Here’s the interview with Frank Holmes I was referring to…

        • Ed_B


          I’m not a chart guy. Looking at charts always seems like driving by looking in the rear-view mirrors. Still, one can get some historical perspective via charts, if they are based on confirmed data that is accurate. These days, a lot of the data that becomes charts is highly suspect, IMO.

      • Eric

        “There are two measures of inflation. The first is core CPI, which does not include food and energy cost. Headline inflation, or non-core CPI, includes everything. Core CPI is important because the Federal Reserve considers it when deciding whether or not to raise the Fed funds rate.”

        Of course most of us here know that the true definition of inflation is an increase in the supply of money and credit. Rising prices is just one of the results.

        • Ed_B


          “The first is core CPI, which does not include food and energy cost.”

          Riigghht. Two expensive items which we all MUST buy.

          “Of course most of us here know that the true definition of inflation is an increase in the supply of money and credit. Rising prices is just one of the results.”

          Yep, we all do know that. We also know that when money printing goes ballistic, it forms a positive feedback loop that only exacerbates the problem of inflation, becoming hyper-inflation just before the currency is destroyed. Venezuela is showing all the classic signs of a hyper-inflationary environment. Not at all good.

        • Ed_B


          Thanks for posting the John Williams video. He’s one of maybe 3 economists out there who isn’t one of the Keynesian-Tard Brigade. What he says tends to make a lot of sense because it is based on REAL (read classical) economics and not the socialist BS of the Keynesian crowd.

    • willygroper

      Hey Sean,

      don’t remember who, but my understanding is the debt holders will have to pay back at the rate b4 deval. think it was Holter, but not sure.

      “Gotta thank JSNIP for the recommendation on the Jesus Clears the Temple”…my fav bedtime story. 😉

      • Ed_B


        It is, indeed, a good one. 🙂

        Jesus was a man of love and peace but even He had His limits.

        There are a lot of people today who can’t seem to figure out that, “No, doing anything you want is NOT OK”. If only people would follow ONE simple rule in life, we ALL would be FAR better off. That rule is “Do no harm to others, unless they are harming you”. See how simple that is? Yet it is also violated MANY times each and every day… most often by idiots of one stripe or other who seem to think that only they matter in life. Those who can actually think, know better than to harm others because they can see the effect on the person harmed and all of their family, friends, and associates.

  • Eric

    Silver CME Inventory (Troy Ounces)
    Report Date Registered oz. Eligible oz. Total oz. Inventory
    03/20/17 38,801,803.81 149,464,352.20 188,266,156.02

    Commitment of Traders Report (Silver Contracts of 5,000 Troy Ounces)
    Date Total Long Total Short
    03/21/17 166,667 180,789

    Registered Inventory available for delivery – 38,801,804 oz.
    Total oz. held short – 903,945,000 oz.

    Open Interest continues rising…

    Substantial increase in Gold Longs this week too.

    Commitment of Traders Report (Gold Contracts of 100 Troy Ounces)
    Date Total Long Total Short
    03/14/17 381,938 399,187
    03/21/17 403,583 416,328

    • Eric

      Be Awesome if we can get back to 650,000 in Gold. We’ll see how many tons they supposedly have left then.

    • Eric

      With the Commercials at record short positions, we should prepare for a selloff in the metals and a double bottom in the 1050/14 area.

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see a stock market sellof (along with Gold/Silver) with a rush into US Treasurys and the 10 year yield trade down to around 2.10%

      After that, we should be Golden.

      However, if the momentum to the upside keeps going in the near term, could be one hell of a squeeze.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It looks like the “Economist Magazine” time table may actually come true. Things are shaping up for a big crisis in most every country’s debt & printing ratios, the scarcity of hard money, rehypothecated everything.

    Prep your buns off. What ever you are lacking? Get it together.

  • Eric

    Geeez stop flying. Gas is cheap.

    Gas up the family truckster instead next time.

    • Eric

      Maybe driving wasn’t an option. Went to Orlando when I was 11. My first time on a plane. The airports were still okay back then of course. But my sister whined and cried while it rained the entire week. Mickey and Epcot were still fun.

      Better sites to see when you drive…

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I do enjoy a good road trip. I can stop to rest, eat, shop, or relax at any time. Rest stops, truck stops, and little towns all over the place makes the long highway trips more interesting that most people can imagine.

        Yes, it also gets boring to spend hours and hours in the car. But you take the good with the bad.
        My car problems, have only been a few bad tires over the years. I’ve been lucky that all my real breakdowns have been close enough to home.

        In the last 10 years, I’ve made any number of trips, between Detroit, Florida & central Texas. Going from one of those points to the other point, is a LONG drive. Shortest drive time is my Florida location to Texas (about 13 hours or more?). Other trips run 22-30 hours, depending upon sleeping needs, miles, etc.

        I’m growing to dislike plane travel more and more. It’s far better outside the USA. When you spend 24 hours traveling by plane (2 or even 3 planes to get there), it is a lot worse than car travel. You’re stuck in one little seat, crowded conditions, and getting to and from the airport is a hassle.

        I’ve never dared to “route” thru London, NYC, and hated my one time thru the Paris airport.
        Good airports? I have not traveled enough to really say, but I’ve been thru Memphis (USA), it was ok, Detroit Metro-OK, Atlanta-TOO big.

        Schipol (Amsterdam) is very good, easy to navigate, just that the 2 “concourses” are quite long, but very simple.

        Frankfurt Main, VERY big, a bit of a hassle, but it’s a good one for such a LARGE complex.

        My 2 favorites are SMALL airports. Vilnius Lithuania and Warsaw Poland. Similar sizes. Easy easy easy to deal with. From my experiences, I’d say that eastern European airports in cities that are not huge, would be a friendly experience.

        Paris (DeGaul) was a nightmare. I want NOTHING to do with London, Chicago, NY, Dallas, Houston, LAX, Mexico City, Muslim country airports, or the big Asian city airports.

        I cannot imagine what Indian or African airports might be like.

        Too bad it’s so expensive to own a plane or even book a seat on a private plane. If I was rich, it might be a bit fun to own my own plane and hire a pilot. I have read about which planes are available to lower-class rich people, and I seem to focus on 2 models as being really nice (seating up to 9 passengers).

        Pilatus PC12-very reliable and great specs.
        Cruise speed: 528 km/h (285 kn)
        Stall speed: 124 km/h (67 kn)
        Range: 3,417 km (HSC, VFR Reserves) (1,845 nmi)
        Service ceiling: 9,144 m (30,000 ft)
        Rate of climb: 585 m/min (MTOW) (1,920 ft/min)
        Wing loading: 183.6 kg/m² (37.8 lb/(sq ft))
        Power/mass: 5.3 kg/kW (8.75 lb/hp)
        Takeoff distance : 793 m (2,602 ft), 15 m / 50 ft obstacle
        Landing distance : 661 m (2,170 ft), 15 m / 50 ft obstacle
        Fuel consumption: 250 l (66.0 US gal) per hour (about 4.5-5 mpg?)

        The other plane I really like, is the Piaggio P180 Avanti. Pretty decent head room in the cabin, low cabin noise, faster than some jets, and low fuel consumption (about 30% less than comparable jets). The main wing is located near the back of the plane (like a jet) and the engines are PUSHERS on that wing (hence, the low cabin noise because the engines are behind you).
        It’s a very “pretty” looking plane, and looks like a “jet twin” with the sexy pointed nose cone.

        Maximum speed: 741 km/h; 460 mph (400 kn) FL310 high speed cruise
        Cruise speed: 589 km/h; 366 mph (318 kn) FL410 long range cruise (economy cruise)
        Minimum control speed: 185 km/h; 115 mph (100 kn) Vmca
        Range: 2,797 km; 1,738 mi (1,510 nmi) 4 passengers, NBAA IFR, 100-nm alternate
        Ferry range: 2,834 km; 1,761 mi (1,530 nmi)
        Service ceiling: 12,000 m (41,000 ft)
        Time to altitude: 10 min to FL 250
        Wing loading: 343 kg/m2 (70.3 lb/sq ft)
        Fuel consumption: 0.220 kg/km (0.779 lb/mi) (I think it’s about 6-7mpg?)
        Power/mass: 4.33 kg/kW (7.12 lb/hp)
        Takeoff (SL, ISA) : 994 m (3,262 ft)


        Each of those planes (new) is about $7 million. But in the USED plane category, I some of the Pilatus PC12’s sometimes less than a million.

        • Ed_B


          “When you spend 24 hours traveling by plane (2 or even 3 planes to get there), it is a lot worse than car travel. You’re stuck in one little seat, crowded conditions, and getting to and from the airport is a hassle.”

          Amen to that. But not only that, every time I go on a long flight, some idiot sits behind me coughing and sneezing all the way to our destination. Sure as heck, whatever they have, I get about 2 days later. 🙁

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            I used to visit Lithuania every couple of years, and had to fly out of Detroit on a flight that is anywhere from 8-10 hours in the air, land in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Warsaw, etc.. and have a lay-over typically from 4-8 hours, and then take another flight (2-3 hours) into Vilnius. That can really wear you down.

            When I booked it thru Warsaw, the layover was 23 hours. I could have saved time if I flew out of Chicago or NYC. Oh Hell NO!

            But now I live in the Florida panhandle, and the only airports around here, are NOT major hubs. Anybody wishing to fly anywhere, must get to a major airport, either fly from here, or drive.

            It’s a bit fun & also a pain in the butt, to search thru the booking sites, and play with all the different departure & arrival days and times, AND route your trip thru a dozen different airports trying to find the best fares and decent itineraries. Often, just changing one day or time, on the outbound or inbound leg, can change prices by 30-300%

            It’s nasty. There seems to be no EASY way to find the better fares. And then you gotta deal with ground transport, plane changes, layovers, airport security, etc.

            Rich people have it pretty nice.

            Those 2 planes I like (Pilatus PC12 & Piaggio Avanti A180) are very cool. The Pilatus flying at about 340mph, and the Avanti A180 flying at 400mph, yet these planes burn thru about $200 for one hour of flight time and carry up to 9 passengers. Too bad the range is a bit less than 2000 miles. Must make a fuel stop (or two) for trans-oceanic, but workable with stops in Bermuda, or other places.

            Piaggio makes a version with longer wings (lower wing loading), and longer flight time (military version), but consumes more fuel because of more drag, so they “up” the engines a bit.

  • John Curtis

    Ohh I just Love my SGT Report!
    And how good was it to see Jsnip4 from Realist News !
    Id watched some of his clips he made in his car on way to work a few years bank.
    Always the comedian even when he’s straight talking!


    Thank you Sean ..
    The only one you’ve never interviewed is Brother Nathanael 🙂 but we can’t have the Fake News boyz shut you down..
    Were cheering in the SGT Grandstands as another of your winners salutes The Post!

  • Millicent

    2014, 2015, 2016, 2017… now it’s 2018. Yawn, WTFU, you are being played.

  • AgShaman

    Hahaha…Those documents are burned in a fire, while under water, with Hurricane Sandy (how convenient) and the hidden supply was never hidden well enough, hence the inconsistencies. WTC building vaults, Gaddafi, Saddam, Yamashita…it’s always a story that ends badly for the unlucky getting “rehypothecated”. There’s lotsa supply…and therefore, plenty of targets for the various syndicated players to pick off in their fashion of majik.

    • Ed_B


      Ha ha, indeed. I’ve yet to figure out how an air-tight box, which is what a bank vault is, has ANY sort of problem because it is underwater for a few days or weeks. Yet, somehow, doing this ruins everything that is inside that box. Balderdash, says I.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    My “gut instinct” is a bit WRONG (too many times) for me to always rely upon it.

    My “gut” has been telling me about the next crash for a long time, but 2008 still came as a surprise to me. I thought that 2016 was going to be “it”, and it wasn’t.

    Things look like they should start to fall apart this year. Perhaps it may start to be noticeable in just a few months.

    It’s better to be PREPPED and not need it, than it is to NEED those preps and NOT have them.

    I think that all these good people who watch & analyze markets, governments, banks, and so many conditions are doing a very good job of exposing the problems that have been stacking up for so long, and eventually this Yuuuge manure pile is gonna catch on fire.

    • Ed_B

      Re: combustible poop

      Must be all those Wall Streeters and their 3-martini lunches. Next thing we know, the Hudson River will be afire. 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    (just) Another jew responsible for a thousand (!!!) “antisemetic actions” exposed :

    JCC bomb threat suspect said behind over 1,000 calls

    Israeli Republican leader: Jewish groups owe Trump apology on anti-Semitism

    Israeli allegedly behind hoax bomb threats against US Jewish centers,7340,L-4939630,00.html

    Just like jew Theodor Herzl stated : “our biggest ennemies will be our best friends ; we NEED “antisemitism” in order to keep the Kosher Flock together, uniting the “jews”

    Though even this SCUMBAG probably never thought of jews carrying out (“white” or “arab”) “antisemetic” actions.

    If you ONLY knew the number of articles I’ve read the past five year proving rabbi’s or (jew) students/individuals being the REAL responsibles for making death threats / painting swastika’s on synagogues etc … hal-lu-ci-na-ting ..!

  • knowtoomuch

    So let it be KNOWN ! ! !

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