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10 Important Tips For Silver Stacking

from Silver Slayer:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    When the world is “normal”, yes, at those times, the “condition” of the “coin / medallion” and the particular image (issue) is important until the world situation becomes starvation or living.

    I imagine that in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, India, etc, that even now, the buyers don’t give a shit about the image or condition of any coin, round, bar, etc. I think they just toss it on the scale, weigh it and pay it.

    I’m stacking to live. I’m not trying to decorate my home with artworks made of metals. If I want beauty, I’ll buy things of beauty to display and gaze at it, but the PM’s? I want POUNDAGE, and if I could afford it? I’d buy TONNAGE.

    I remove all the plastic covers and store it safely and compactly. I even tossed a few into each water filter canisters under the sinks (to help purify the water flow). Heck, I even tossed a couple into the toilet tanks (same reason- purify it). Hey, the day may come when I open those tanks and have to drink the “tank” water. (it’s still the same “tap water” that comes out of the sink faucets.)

    I buy the most ounces for the least premiums because on the day when the “buyers” are tossing it on the scale, I want that scale to show more ounces. I don’t know of ANY scale that looks at the pretty pictures on the coin and pay you a premium for the image or the level of shine. They’ll take coins that have been dredged out of the septic tank just as long as you’ve rinsed it off.

    What “physical form” do I think will be more valuable when the SHTF? I think those “Combi Snap bars” would be great, except they charge WAY too much over spot for them. I’ll carry around a pair of HD tin snips if I have to and cut up those coins/ bars/ wafers as needed.

    Lay a Maple leaf or Eagle on the anvil and hit it with a chisel & hammer it into pieces.

    We’ve all been watching the world situations, and we all know that fiat money has a limited life span. We all know that silver is very short supply. We mostly expect silver to reach parity with gold.

    When “Parity” happens, the dealer/buyers will have have their silver testing stuff to test each piece they buy. I won’t matter if it’s pretty, or if it’s cut into pieces. Just like buyers of scrap gold today.

    When an ounce of silver will buy a thousand gallons of gas, they’ll be buying “parts of a gram” from anybody whose got em. In those days, you won’t get any extra gallons for “how pretty” those coins are.

    So I think it’s crazy to buy one ounce for the same price that you COULD have bought 2 or 3 ounces of “generic 999”.

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