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You will not Be able to Buy Physical Silver Soon! Greece Riots.

from Silver Report:

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2 comments to You will not Be able to Buy Physical Silver Soon! Greece Riots.

  • cmore

    douche bag! U put up a bullshit title that had nothing to do with ur rant.

  • rich

    The Great Rotation…Into Gold?

    An asset allocation survey by the U.S. Council of Institutional Investors shows that commodities in general account for only 1.8% of pension fund investments.

    That means only a fraction of that 1.8% is invested specifically in gold and silver.8

    U.S. Treasury bonds are viewed as a “safe-haven” asset because of the perception that they have zero risk of default. The bond bull market that started in 1981 has also helped reinforce the idea that you can’t go wrong with bonds. But, if we enter into a more inflationary environment, bond investors will continue to lose money, and that could trigger an outflow of capital into assets that have historically worked as inflationary hedges. Those assets could include gold and silver.

    In 1980, gold made up 2.74% of global financial assets.

    Today, it’s just 0.58%.9

    In other words, there’s a lot of room for institutional investors to invest more heavily in gold. A great rotation from bonds into stocks may very well be under way. But, if inflation starts to get out of hand, we could also see some of that outflow from bond funds end up in gold. This asset allocation adjustment would just be another tailwind for gold.

    Does your portfolio contain a significant amount of bonds? If inflation continues to rise, would you consider moving out of bonds and into precious metals? Please share your views with us by leaving your thoughts in the Comments section.

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