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Wood Heater for a Tarp Shelter for Camping or Bugging Out.

from southernprepper1:

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1 comment to Wood Heater for a Tarp Shelter for Camping or Bugging Out.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I like videos like this, it also helps me to THINK.

    He’s right, the WIND will lift things up, push things over, etc. SOooo… here’s MY idea for a VERY good, (and portable) tent anchor, tie downs….is to use those DOG tie downs, you know, the big metal corkscrew that you screw into the dirt,and has a loop or “eye-hook” on top? Those hold into the ground VERY good, and you can attach a lot of things to it.

    I saw his “conduit”, and they would be too easy to PULL up from the dirt.

    A POST HOLE DIGGER would be great for installing really good tie down posts. Not just for fences, eh? But if you’ve got a saw, an axe, etc, and a post hole digger, it would be easy to make some posts or poles to put up a more solid “structure” for your “bug out living”.

    A shovel, garden rake, post hole digger, saw, axe, etc.

    You can make stoves, ovens, firepit, etc, from all kinds of things.

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