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Wikileaks Busts McCain in Russian Cash Treason Before Russian Ambassador Died (VIDEO)

by Barry Soetoro The Sleuth Journal:

Wikileaks BUSTS Senator John McCain asking Russia for Campaign Cash! Two days before Wikileaks revealed this shocking treasonous act, Russian UN Ambassador (Vitaly Churkin) DROPS DEAD from a heart attack!

Was Churkin killed to cover up McCain’s illegal campaign money scheme — or was Churkin only ‘relocated’ to protect McCain from treason charges?

US Senator John McCain keeps smearing Donald Trump and other free thinkers as being somehow “involved with Russia” or “agents of Putin.”

But leaked Wikileaks documents include an official 2008 Russian government letter rejecting the illegal attempt by US Senator John McCain to obtain campaign donations directly from the government of Russia!

In this video, you’ll see the official Russian government letter rejecting traitor McCain’s scheme — and you’ll learn why John McCain keeps blaming everyone — and everything — on “RUSSIA.”

Was this McCain’s “only” attempt to finance his 2008 Presidential Campaign with illegal money from foreign donors? Probably not! Treason is McCain’s middle name.

Meanwhile, Russians “hacked the 2016 election?” Not so fast, Deep State! Not so fast, McTraitor! Not so fast, Hillary!

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