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Who Betrayed SEAL Team Six?

from Bill Still:

I’ve been very concerned with the report of a security breach in President Trump’s first military mission that he approved. This most likely means there is a traitor in the midst of Trump’s core team.

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6 comments to Who Betrayed SEAL Team Six?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I would tend to think the “leaker” (mission sabotager) was more likely somebody in the military / intelligence community who is part of the group(s) who disdain Trump and or are actually working for those who determined to remove Trump from power. I’m sure there are plenty of “old boy network elites” who are aligned in opposition to Trump who are more than happy to sabotage Trump’s time in office.

    Giving advanced notice to Muslim “terror” groups such as the Yemen mission debacle, would be easy when we consider how there are so many powerful insiders in USA government (and associates) who have been supporting ISIS and other Muslim terrorists or moderates. There are plenty of hidden “back channels” of communication for this to happen.

    I only hope that our new administration finds a way to put a stop to this and punish all those who are responsible, either thru normal legal channels where ever possible, or, thru similar “back channels” of ‘good guy’ military/intelligence operatives. who may normally be ‘above or outside’ of the law.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I tend to think it is connected with John Brennan who was director of the CIA under Obama. Brennan is very “anti Trump”, as well as Brennan spent much official time in Cairo Egypt & was assigned more than a year in Saudi Arabia.

    John Brennan is a fluent speaker of Arabic and is said (but he may not admit) to having converted to Islam during his years living in Saudi Arabia etc.

    At one of his “swearing-in” ceremonies, he opted to place his hand on a copy of the Constitution (and NOT on the Christian bible that is the normal tradition). This may or may not be a hint of his religious tendencies toward something that may be islam?

    John Brennan seems to be a nefarious character and has broken US laws (but seems to be untouchable), such as the spying on elected members of the US Congress as the Congress was investigating things the CIA did not want investigated. He lied in his Congressional testimony during direct questioning in some hearing(s).

  • AgShaman

    The DOJ, I think it was, accidently gave the info to Michael’s (team 6 member) father Charlie…in what they thought was a blank and unreadable file. This is how you know the rule of law has been suspended. Some murdered Seal Team 6 member’s family has the proof that their entire team was taken out in that chopper to cover up the fact that the mission to take out Osama Bin Laden was a complete farce. I’m looking at you Barry/Hillary…and the minions in your employ that are fine with this level of grotesque treason.

    Michael’s Dad is buddies with Dave Janda…you can pick up the story and support his foundation to get the truth out (First or second podcast of this year on DJ’s Operation Freedom, which is often a good listen btw)

  • dcm

    Such acts are called policy when carried out by government,

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