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29 comments to WHEN FIAT FAILS…

  • Steelerdude

    Have heard this for many years “when fiat fails”….yet I keep buying here and there….
    I would love to be a fly on the wall in some these fiat meetings (europe, US, China, etc)

    It is very hard to get a picture when the “fail” will happen….all you can do is prepare.

    comments welcome

    • Ed_B

      “It is very hard to get a picture when the “fail” will happen….all you can do is prepare.”

      Agreed. It IS very hard to know “when”. My solution is to prepare as best I can and not worry about “when”. If one is as well prepared as they can be with the time and resources at hand, then there is no more they can do and “when” becomes irrelevant.

      I think that a lot of the concern about “when” is an attempt to delay action until it is absolutely necessary. This is reactive thinking, IMO. Instead, we need to be proactive, which is what prepping is all about.

      Agree that fiat WILL fail. The math of it is inescapable. Whether that happens in my lifetime, my children’s lifetime, or my grand children’s lifetime is of less concern to me than that I have prepared and set aside a PM / preps legacy that will stand my family in good stead when, not if, the SHTF.

      I have given up trying to educate people about the financial sword of Damocles that hangs over all of our heads. Instead, I prep for those near and dear to me. They either can’t or won’t do it for themselves, so I do it for them. There will come a time when they will be really glad that with all the disaster befalling the world, they at least have some of the most useful things that they will need to get through some really hard times and on to the better ones that follow.

    • mike

      This picture to me represents that Eric and Krell are morons. This picture would be more accurate if btc was far above the pms with the rocket engine and the pms were 1″ off the ground with sparklers underneath them..Rocket can only happen with something that is truly rare..Btc truly rare, pms as rare as a gallon of diesel.

      • Eric

        Honestly I’ve lost all respect for Bill Still since he doesn’t understand that Gold is already money. I could say the same for you. Even if Trump’s new budget director “opens the gates” for people to use btc, that doesn’t mean they will. And I’m sure it will never be regulated. lol. Just passing one from one failing currency onto another. It’s so easy to fleece the sheep these days.

  • Eric

    Since when is Bitcoin made of bronze?

    And where is palladium?

    • Eric, even you can objectively admit that bitcoin, which has been used to facilitate trade since its inception, has a longer monetary history than palladium, which was only discovered by Western man in 1803 and has never been used as money on this planet.

      • Eric

        Ah but Platinum on the other hand is becoming monetized right before our eyes. I have no doubt palladium will be also in due time. Especially if it keeps outperforming everything else. Palladium is certainly outperforming Bitcoin at the moment.

        Bitcoin may facilitate some trade. But that does not make it more than a currency. And while palladium may not have a history of being money, it does have a much longer history as a store of value.

        I don’t know Rusticus. I bet I could go exchange a palladium coin for something useful. But this one is pretty deceptive. Lots of things outperform fiat currencies… Real estate, tech stocks, farmland and recently even Bitcoin. But I would have illustrated it with 1’s and 0’s. Not bronze or manganese. It may not be fiat technically. But it’s not real tangible wealth either.

        My buddy is getting Gold fever. I don’t know why he doesn’t just buy some silver. But we might be doing some real prospecting soon. This is the golden state after all.

        • Ed_B


          “It may not be fiat technically.”

          I’m thinking that one would have to be parsing their words pretty carefully to separate bitcoin from “fiat currency”. IMO, it IS a fiat currency. It isn’t supported by any government but that’s truly one of its best features. I’m not a bitcoin fan, as you know, but it is one of the very best ways to move currency from one country to another. I would use it for that if I had a need to do that.

          The US has some really draconian ways of barring the movement of large amounts of currency out of the country. The reporting requirements for this via the IRS from various acts of congress and chilling. Bitcoin seems to be able to sidestep a lot of that nonsense, which would be handy for anyone who was leaving to US to take up residence in another part of the world.

          If I were leaving the US, I would be looking at becoming a citizen of the Cook Islands. Their financial laws are every bit as liberating as the US’s are draconian. They answer to the demands of no court outside their jurisdictional boundary. They have an off-shore trust system than cannot be beat even for those who are not Cook Islands citizens. That is similar to what the Swiss Banking System was about 40-50 years ago. They ignore the requests of other governments and their courts for info and the taking of funds of those who have these trusts… and they make them stick. AFAIK, not a single penny has ever been removed from these trusts except by their owners, in spite of the demands of foreign governments and their courts. But doing this is not cheap, so one needs a few million dollars or more to make this worthwhile.

          An off-shore trust is something that few lawyers want to take on in a law suit. Once they know that their intended victim has protected their wealth from being grabbed, they tend to lose all interest in pursuing a court case against them… especially the kind where they do not get paid if they do not collect. 😉

      • Johny Comelately

        Platinum “never used as money on this planet” is a strong sentence. The American Platinum Eagle coin has a face value of $100. The Royal Canadian Platinum Maple has a face value of $50, the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic 100Euros, and the Australian Platypus 100$.

        I’m sure there are other examples of platinum coins circulated as legal tender around the world.

        • Ed_B

          There are, Johny. The Russians produced some platinum coins as well as the ones that you mention. The problem with these coins is that they are denominated in values that are FAR lower than the value of their metal content. ASEs? $1. Silver Maples @ $5. LOL! I will buy them all day long at that price. 😀

        • Mike

          today many coins are made from steel, does that make steel money? To use a metal as money, is to trade the metal at its value per ounce, not what fiat value is stamped on the coin.

          • Eric

            Which ones are made of steel? Haven’t heard of any. Steel is not “precious.” And no steel is not money.

            To use a metal as a “medium of exchange,” is to trade the metal at it’s current PRICE per ounce, not what fiat denomination is stamped on the coin.

            Gold and Silver are already money. Same for Platinum IMO.

            • Mike

              In Canada, most circulation coins are now just plated steel. The fiat value stamped on the coin is worth more than the metal. When you exchange a quarter today, you are taking advantage of the Fiat exchange value.

              In the market place you will only be able to exchange legal tender PM coins for face value.
              Even if i take my PM coin to the mint, legally, they only have to exchange your PM coins at face value. Because of this, PM coins do not freely circulate as money or currency.
              I think I am safe to say, its the same for most countries.

              If i could take my PM coin to the market place(or bank) and get its metal value, then we could say PMs circulate as money or currency.

              currently, PMs only circulate as money between dealers, Governments and people in the know.

          • joejoe

            Mike,I would suggest you learn the difference between currency and money.
            Bitcoins and dollars are currencies.When the dollar fails,so does all the other currencies as well as crypto currencies like Bitcoin.
            Why do you think China,India,Russia etc are buying gold and silver?
            They are hoarding money because they know the currency game is dying.

            • Mike

              That’s exactly what I am saying, the value of a coin is in the value of the metal, not the fiat dollar value that is printed on it. When gold and silver are used as money, it’s the value of the metal that gives the money or currency its value. It was the value of gold that gave the paper dollar its value.

  • knowtoomuch

    World peace in Hebrew means everybody else bites the dust

    By John Kaminski

    The thing I can’t get over is that the leftwing peaceniks of the 1960s and ’70s have morphed into the violent liberal hooligans of the 20teens. Maybe Anthony Burgess predicted this in “A Clockwork Orange”, a 1962 novel about an ultraviolent future.

    Or maybe violence is part of the psychological package when it comes to paid protesters. We already know it is when the U.S. hires paid terrorists.

    I suppose if the hardcore Communists of the ’50s can become the notorious Neocons in our new century, it simply demonstrates the political truism that certain threats that appear in one generation often change their disguises but not their intent in subsequent generations.

    Then as now, most violent radical groups were not only funded by Jews, but now that Jews are out of the closet and openly in charge of the United States, they are often led by Jews as well. The main duty of these demagogues is to prevent any discussion about Jews in relation to the systemic crimes they have implemented in their unquenchable desire for power and control over everyone else.

    I repeat, now that Jews are out of the closet and openly in charge of the United States, what desperate hope do the rest of us cling to in our frustrating pursuit of peace and justice?

    I was horrified by all these George Soros funded maneuvers, first to pay the Ferguson protesters to ransack their own neighborhood, but then to disrupt Trump’s inauguration, to advocate violence against another political party.

    These were no idealistic protests. Championing the cause of Hillary could never be construed as an idealistic endeavor. Next to Bush and Obama, she is perhaps the major American politician who should be in jail for her crimes.

    This is exactly the kind of strategic subterfuge that allowed Bolsheviks from America to steal Mother Russia and got Frenchmen to hack many thousands of their countrymen to death. Its presence was also patently obvious in Ukraine, where the United States hired assassins to murder people on both sides to exacerbate that country’s turmoil.

    This is the real Jewish-controlled United States at work, murder as many people as possible to keep the world afraid! The Japanese and the Germans know that all too well.

    Who in their right mind could possibly protest to have Hillary Clinton be made president? Hillary, champion of homosexuals and welfare recipients! No, these were people paid to protest.

    This is simply a variation on the way that cops who infiltrate all protests are usually the most violent participants, trying to increase the arrest total. And the media always play up the story to give all protesters a bad name.

    This is a first in American history, and directly attributable to Jewish behind the scenes funding of poor people hired to fill the seats at Hillary’s boring Democratic Convention.

    I tried to think of another example in U.S. history where the outgoing party promised to wreck the new administration, but I couldn’t. Barack Obama’s smug pride in his “achievements” are pathetic boasts in light of the absence of human concern and simple honesty during his presidency.

    But what this caper of trying to destroy the Trump presidency DOES resemble is the consternation stirred up in Russia prior to the Bolshevik revolution, as well as the Reign of Terror that ravaged France during the chaotic years of the French Revolution.

    Does this forecast a bloody revolution in America’s immediate future? You make the call.

    Today’s events of the Deep State working to destroy the new President is very reminiscent of the two periods of history when behind-the-scenes Jews engineered the destruction of these two ancient countries, and obliterated both their history and national character in bloody atrocities.

    I believe the same fate is about to befall the Americans. They will be fatally injured by the violent suppression of an inadequate revolution that will result in the total loss of freedom of speech. This is something that has already happened in many other countries which prohibit all negative comments about the obvious fact that Jews control the finances — and the governments — of the world.

    This is why factual comprehension the true nature of the Jewish Holocaust hoax of World War II is so important to achieve, because it reveals many of the lies Americans, through Jewish media, have incorporated into their worldview as gospel truth. Mostly it’s a case of group think manipulation that your friends will be embarrassed if you try to state the truth of World War II that Hitler worked tirelessly for peace.

    And you simply can’t imagine telling your friends that you believe Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” is the real revisionist history, having turned the story of World War II totally upside down.

    More than that. Hitler created prosperity by circumventing the Wall Street (Jewish) bankers as much as possible, and that was a message the Jewish world controllers could not allow to stand, lest its obvious appeal spread to other countries.

    As long as Jews control the media, it will not be possible to regain any condition resembling freedom to say what we want to say, or to do what we have to do.

    The one thing that hasn’t happened yet that marked the French Revolution as the bloodiest is the mass killing, neighbors offing neighbors. Some have speculated that could happen here as the food supply lines are cut off, or the ATMs are suddenly shut down.

    Also, the pump is primed and the factions are really stoked for an all-out race war. Both black and white supremacists appear to be speaking different languages when asked to summarize America’s race problem.

    Blacks can see nothing but their own perceived oppression, while whites remember the days when a white country prospered, but now that half the world has been dragged in here, the systems are failing and community coherence is at an all time low.

    Even though blacks in America are not successful unless they act like whites, the Jewish culture mavens make sure black music and entertainment lure white American youths to act like blacks, thereby retarding their potential for advancement in white society.

    The great lie is the Jewish phrase “strength in diversity”. Actually, diversity brings only conflict and division. These things weaken a nation and cause it to lose its focus, making it prone to the desire of its unprincipled leaders to regard crime by force as just another foreign policy option.

    A recent bill that would effectively cut off all critical speech about Jews, Judaism or Israel still lurks in halls of Congress, and given the tiny fraction of the electorate that is now Jew-aware, is very likely to pass next year. This would forever seal investigations into all of America’s military disasters, because those probes would necessarily delve into Israel’s subterranean control of the United States and all its activities.

    The American revolution has already happened. Most people are simply not aware of it yet, and other people likely never will be.

    as long as we don’t say who they are
    it’s OK to talk about them
    but the minute we name them
    the topic suddenly becomes taboo

    In this way is all discussion of what Henry Ford once called “the world’s foremost problem” totally shut down, deliberately silenced by the pernicious Jews who control all the media, and therefore, control what people believe.

    So we’re talking about the “deep state” now, but all that means is that we’re still not talking about Jews and how they control every aspect of our lives, including especially our own political process in the United States.

    Most Americans remain too dumbed down to even have a clue about all this, and that’s just the way the Jews like it, as they continue to work on their project of taking everything we have. It’s what they do; it’s what they’ve always done.

    John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

  • joejoe

    When there is no dollar,Bitcoin will be worth nothing.Bitcoins are priced in dollars.
    Gold and other actual physical commodities will be used and traded for.
    Nobody is going trade for a number on a virtual wallet.

    • Ed_B

      “Gold and other actual physical commodities will be used and traded for.”

      Not to defend bitcoin, but… ALL commodities are priced in US$, including gold and silver, because the US$ is the de facto world trade settlement currency at the moment. As we all know, the US$ will be good until it is not. THAT will be when things become interesting and also more than a little terrifying.

    • fonestar

      Actually you’re totally wrong joejoe.

      • Eric

        Actually he is totally right fonestar.

        When fiat currency fails completely, trust in all digital “cryptocurrencies” will evaporate. Nobody will want to accept them for real value.

        If you don’t believe me, sell me some Gold and I will pay you in boogercoin.

        And shouldn’t it really be called bitpaper or bitwallet instead of bitcoin, since it’s recorded on a paper wallet and there is no actual coin involved?

        • joejoe

          Exactly! Bitcoins are a type of currency and like the rest of the worlds currencies,it is tied to the dollar.When the dollar dies so does bitcoin and all currencies.
          Gold and silver and physical commodities will still be used and while they will hold no dollar value,their purchasing power will still be there.

          • FunInDaSun

            @joejoe : What’s happened is the extreme manipulation of precious metals has created a thriving crypto currency industry. Its obvious the govts are allowing the crypto currencies to continue so they can continue their crackdown on the metals. I’m not a huge fan but believe these crypto currencies will continue to expand as long as they have their boot on gold’s throat. These crypto currencies are so small the govts don’t see them as a huge threat yet versus gold and silver.

            Just to confirm you can instantly trade Bitcoin online at any of the exchanges for Dollars, Euro’s, Yuan, Pounds,etc. Or you can exchange Bitcoin for another crypto currency like Lite Coin, Zcash, etc. In large cities you can now find Bitcoin ATM’s that will dispense cash!!

            • joejoe

              I understand all that and that is fine.My problem with crypto currency is when the dollar dies,ALL CURRENCIES DIE ALONG WITH IT!!!
              Gold and silver ARE NOT CURRENCIES,THEY ARE MONEY.
              In a dollar collapse gold and silver will find their value in barter and trade.
              Nobody knows exactly what that will be.
              What will happen to crypto currencies when there is no dollar?
              They will be worth what they are really worth,NOTHING!
              It’s highly unlikely that people are going to trade tangible things for crypto currencies.

  • fonestar

    Wow! I want to print that one in high definition and hang it in my room!

  • joejoe

    A gold or silver coin can and will be traded for things when the dollar is dead.
    Who is going to exchange a bitcoin for real commodities when there is no dollar value?
    No one.

  • Mike

    In Canada, most circulation coins are now just plated steel. The fiat value stamped on the coin is worth more than the metal. When you exchange a quarter, you are exchanging the Fiat Value.

    YES i do know the difference between money and currency, I was not debating that fact.
    PMs only circulate as money between coin dealers, Governments and people in the know.

    I Agree, PMs are REAL money. but to say PMs already circulate as currency or money is not accurate.
    If i take my PM coin to the market place, or bank or even the mint, they will only give me face value.(fiat value)

    When/If I can take my 1 ounce PM coin to the marketplace and get its metal value in exchange, then we can say that PMs circulate as currency or money.

    • Eric

      Thus, gresham’s law. Bad money drives good money out of circulation. You can always contract privately using Gold and Silver. No marketplace or blockchain required.

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