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West Point’s Modern War Institute Calls For “Megacities Combat Unit

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

As the world hurtles toward highly-controlled living environments, encouraged by such globalist doctrines as Agenda 21 and its version 2.0 known as the 2030 Agenda, central planners need to contend with conflicting realities. One reality is high-tech, powered and tracked by the Smart Grid and policed by AI systems and their robot/drone enforcers; the other reality is the one that presents itself most clearly today – an increasing population, a greater disparity between rich and poor, and a breakdown of infrastructure that heralds a devolution of living conditions in many of the world’s largest cities.

As the world’s largest cities continue to grow, and as the technocratic Smart Grid crossover is still decades from full completion, world planners find themselves increasingly outnumbered by the disenfranchised masses who either cannot adapt to new technologies and centralized living, or who are part of a growing number of people who fear the loss of privacy and self-sufficiency and will not adapt as instructed.

Perhaps the best evidence of this concern is the increasingly urgent tone coming from those just below the top-most power structure – those who will be on the front lines of getting humanity across the threshold into what is now only a theoretical vision for technocratic utopia as a perfectly managed human cattle farm.

Drills such as “Unified Quest” run yearly by the U.S. Army took a sharper turn in 2014 toward addressing the problem of combat in megacities – defined as cities with more than 10 million people, of which there already are nearly 25 and projected to total near 40 by the year 2025. The Pentagon’s own solicitation early last year called “Thunderstorm Spiral” was a request for “help from technological innovators to take on the future of warfare.” This appeared to indicate that in addition to boots on the ground, an additional pervasive centralized intelligence apparatus would be needed to properly plan for troop movements through such dense but vast environments that also would be made up of networks underground.

The most recent call for more attention to be paid to a future of megacities comes from West Point scholar and former Ranger Instructor, John Spencer, whose article has been republished in full below with my emphasis added.

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