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WEB BOT Creator Clif High: 2017 is going to be “a deeply disturbing year” — Dollar, Bonds & Truth Bombs

from Greg Hunter:

Clif High – March Chaotic for Dollar & Bonds & 2017 Truth Bombs

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3 comments to WEB BOT Creator Clif High: 2017 is going to be “a deeply disturbing year” — Dollar, Bonds & Truth Bombs

  • knowtoomuch

    “the TWO factions of THE Deep State” …

    Yeah Clif, whatever ..!

    Just ask Kaminski to put you on his newsletter list. In a VERY humble way I’d suggest 😉

    From John Kaminski :


    ” The real fake news is that Arab terrorists knocked down the Twin Towers. The world is being destroyed by the ripples from that false flag event. Americans are treated as prisoners in their own country, as former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff made millions selling body scanners to airports.

    The real news is that Jewish New York financial kingpins, the ones who run the U.S. Treasury, came up with a perfect plan to dispose of buildings that needed to be torn down, a project that also enabled the war machine to go anywhere and everywhere in search of “terrorists” it has itself invented and hired for the purpose of assaulting the populace and beefing up the police state to unprecedented levels.

    The real money is in weapons that can slaughter large numbers of people, and the Jews who control the United States are masters of this business.

    Jews need to be excluded from civilization, permanently. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth, and they can’t be trusted not to rob people and poison them secretly. Can you say Monsanto?

    As long as we include Jews in the conversation, the problems of the world will never be solved.

    Thanks to the Jews, truth and justice are simply not the American way. Remember that the Superman comic book series was created by two Jews.
    We have been stolen blind by Jew bankers who now seek to supplant us with new pigeons from south of the border.

    People like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton) need to be put in strait jackets for the rest of their unnatural lives and injected with some kind of truth serum to get them to tell us about the crimes they have committed.

    If Trump can stop the tsunami of aliens now destroying the USA and other white countries, that will be enough. Putting Hillary in jail where she belongs would be a bonus”.


    Read the rest on

  • Bob

    This clown uses something called predictive linguistics to forecast the future. Every bit as reliable and convincing as astrology. Last summer he predicted a huge rise in silver. Guess he misinterpreted the tea leaves. Why do people like this get any coverage? More power to him, I guess, if he gets all this free publicity (unless, of course, he’s paying for it and this nonsense is really just advertising).

  • AgShaman

    I would listen to him more if the interwebs here was notso spotty. He seems a bit too impartial and objective for my taste. I’d like to smoke a “J” with him and ask him what his personal opinion is on what’s going on. Most people on this planet have one….hence the never-ending supply of predictions. He should consider adding his own “2 cents” into the data sets and see where it comes out….at least there would be more slave-skins in the game of humans trying to “predict” things, since they started recording each others history.

    I caught the first 12 minutes. The data sets tracked fairly well. The problem is….the “Deep Staters” have gamed the system. They are the “thugs” that have intertwined themselves with the bank-stars via a power-play many years ago. From the Lombards/Venetians…to the Templars…to the Arisocratic families and oligarchs hiding in the shadows of present day. They are the builders of these systems of grifters preying upon their serfs….and they have no problem with throwing slave monies at technologies to stay always a step ahead and in control.

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