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Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research

from Bill Still:

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2 comments to Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Since when does an “anti-missile” system stop anything from coming thru our borders?

    If we cannot stop millions of Mexicans from walking, driving or riding into the USA, and we cannot stop tens of thousands of pounds of drugs from being shipped into the USA, then it is certainly much easier to ship/smuggle nuclear bombs into the USA.

    If all those “illegal aliens” and illegal drugs can get thru, then consider a trained team of nuclear agents with training and tactics, how many nukes they have already trucked and pre-placed in the USA.

    Missile defense systems, certainly have a role to play in different circumstances, but when it comes to big nukes? The smart guys already pre-placed them near the targets, and just have to call them on the phone to blow em where they sit.

    SO, you can be SURE that when the Military-industrial-complex LOBBYISTS get the Congress to spend money on “Missile defense”, it’s mostly just to GRAB big piles of money and not really to make the nation any safer.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Don’t forget, that nuclear bomb technology, has been making nukes (since at least 1975 or earlier) that are as small as a WINE BOTTLE. That is the size of the 100mm nuclear artillery shells.

    It’s very likely that since that time, tiny nuclear bombs perhaps as small as a baseball or a grapefruit are fully developed.

    So, in a simple “carry-on bag” type of box, you can store, carry, transport about SIX (or more) of the 100mm artillery shell nukes.

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