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Trump Administration Arming Kurdish Militants; U.S. And Russia Float Kurdish Autonomy In Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

While Trump’s Syria plan has been incredibly vague up until this point, we are now seeing the position of the Trump administration coming into view. While, at this point, it might not be as bad as what was called for under Obama and Clinton, the new approach to Syria is concerning to say the least.

This is because mainstream news reports have revealed that the Trump administration is going ahead with a plan to arm Kurdish militants in Syria who are battling the Islamic State. Of course, these Kurdish fanatics are interested in only one thing – independence and the creation of their own Kurdish state that eventually crosses the border of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. They are not interested so much in fighting terror since they have allied themselves with terrorists to achieve their own goals.

The new mainstream and alternative media reports are based entirely upon claims by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that they have now begun receiving U.S. armored vehicles in addition to small arms and other munitions in addition to what they have received in the past. It is unclear whether or not the new materials are part of the continuation of a plan created and ordered under the Obama administration or whether it is a new Trump-ordered policy. Regardless, the Trump administration has the ability to stop such provisions and has chosen to allow them to continue, at least according to the SDF. Indeed, the SDF spokesman even claimed that the Trump administration has pledged “extra support.”

According to Reuters, a Pentagon spokesman has confirmed the assistance being provided to “Arab elements” within the SDF “as part of our existing authorities to enable them” and that there had been no change in policy.

However, those “Arab elements” are not Kurds, they are terrorists under the guise of “moderate” rebels.

As Reuters reported,

SDF spokesman Talal Silo said the U.S.-led coalition had delivered the armored vehicles in the last four or five days. He declined to give the number of vehicles supplied.

“Previously we didn’t get support in this form, we would get light weapons and ammunition,” he said. “There are signs of full support from the new American leadership — more than before — for our forces.”

The Pentagon spokesman said the vehicles were supplied to the Syrian Arab Coalition — part of the SDF — and would help it contend with the threat posed by improvised explosive devices used by Islamic State as they advance towards Raqqa.

“The Department of Defense only provides training and materiel support to the Syrian Arab Coalition,” Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said in a statement.

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2 comments to Trump Administration Arming Kurdish Militants; U.S. And Russia Float Kurdish Autonomy In Syria

  • Craig escaped detroit

    Ohhh boy. Erdogan & McCain is going to have a heart attack over this. 🙂

  • Ed_B

    Let’s just say that loyalty in the Middle East is… fluid. Alliances spring up overnight and then disappear just as quickly. The Kurds have their own agenda? So? Who in the Middle East or elsewhere does not?

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