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Top Pizzagate Researcher’s Videos Disappear from Youtube

from Intellihub:

YouTube channel of journalist who exposed Pizzagate now blank, hundreds of videos missing

(INTELLIHUB) — Top Pizzagate investigator David Seaman’s YouTube videos disappeared from the Internet Saturday for reasons unknown at this time.

The independent journalist did countless video’s exposing the Pizzagate conspiracy which revolves around an alleged child sex-trafficking ring in Washington D.C.

Seaman’s YouTube channel has 154,156 subscribers but is currently displaying no videos.

Seaman’s account also lists no videos.

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1 comment to Top Pizzagate Researcher’s Videos Disappear from Youtube

  • pipes

    The Intellihub article is sensationalist and plays right into Seaman’s own agenda.


    Lift the Veil did a bit of an expose’ on Seaman’s background yesterday (as did someone else, I think), and it was a very even-handed treatment of him. The facts of Seaman’s own admissions (and OMISSIONS) call into question his integrity.

    IT DOES NOT mean he isn’t on the right side of pizzagate/pedogate.
    IT DOES mean that anything that comes out of his mouth needs to be run through a filter to assess whether it self-serving AND true.

    “…I would protest gravity if I thought it would increase buzz…” – David Seaman

    DO NOT REPLY negatively to my comment, unless and until you have watched LTV’s backgrounder vid on Seaman.

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