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Tony Blair Wants to Rebuild His Career on the Back of Brexit

from The Daily Bell:

Tony Blair on Friday announced his “mission” to get Brits who voted to remain in the European Union to “rise up in defense of what we believe” while accusing the government of being “obsessed with Brexit” and bemoaning the lack of an effective opposition. In his first major speech since the EU referendum, the former prime minister told an audience in the City of London that people were misinformed when they voted for Brexit and that he wanted to “build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge.”

Tony Blair has hopped on the EU train just as it is sputtering and threatening to run off the tracks.

This is either a canny move or it is not. It is canny because the EU has few staunch defenders at this point, or certainly few that promise to be as staunch as Blair promises to be.

On the other hand, Blair remains one of the most blackballed men in England. He is blamed for the death of many British servicemen and for lying about it.

He is blamed by conservative individuals and by liberal ones. It is not a matter of party. So even if persists with this latest move, he has no guarantee that people will begin to back him.

No doubt this is one of the reasons that Blair has taken on this opportunity. It is such a big issue that he thinks people may forget about previous issues in order to back him on Brexit.

But he engages such antipathy that it is difficult to believe that too many will come around. In fact the wealth he has gained since leaving office makes things worse, even though he is putting some of it to use in creating the anti-Brexit movement.

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