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TISA Ready to Take the Place of TPP

from The Daily Bell:

TISA’s Worse Than TPP—Kiss Internet privacy and national sovereignty goodbye – National Economics

We got rid of TPP and now they’re bringing it back with TISA. In some ways it’s even worse that TPP. TPP was killed because Congress wasn’t going to go along with it and US President Donald Trump withdrew the county from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as soon as he got into office.

But now we’re finding out that it lives on through the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA). TISA has actually been around for a long time, some 21 rounds of negotiations since April 2013.

And while many things can be said about TISA, it was obviously designed as a back up to TPP. In fact one can speculate that TPP was actually expected to fail and TISA was developed to take its place.

What is TISA? It’s another version of corporate globalism that further deregulates banks, reduces Internet privacy and turns various kinds of manufacturing into services to make internationalization ever easier.

Not only is TISA similar to TPP, it’s a lot bigger, including the US, the European Union and numerous South American and Asian countries. It’s actually a good deal more inclusive than TPP.

Article 9 of TISA’s draft legislation makes sure nations cannot create separate, domestic rules for banks that are not their own. Small, local banks would thus be thrust into competition with overseas multinationals.

Additionally it demands that individual countries allow all sorts of financial products to be sold, including derivatives.

And, like TPP, it allows corporations to sue counties that have passed legislation that would adversely affect corporations. Just as with TPP, disputes would be handled by an as-yes-to-be-created international system.

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