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The President Needs to Purge And Start Fresh: “White House Staff Has Been Infiltrated and Infested”

by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

As of this writing, the President is beset by forces in Washington and in the White House who are determined to derail his “cleansing” efforts and continue with their own actions.  Those forces are spearheaded by the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) “5th Columnists” either working directly for and with the Democratic Party or independently of them but for the interests of the Globalist Network.  On December 17, 2016 I wrote a piece for entitled Trump Can’t Stop It: The people who have been orchestrating the collapse have not halted their agendas.  Here is an excerpt:

“He [President Trump] is going to emplace several people in his cabinet who are known to be either in the pockets of the corporations (such as Mnuchin), or have stances that diametrically oppose his own campaign pledges (such as his selection for White House Chief of Staff who supports amnesty for illegal aliens).”

I specifically referred to Priebus in that article and went on to write that the President would either knuckle under to the interests, or else he would be removed from office.  It appears the second option is in motion by the establishment, as he has not knuckled under and has been in the process of cleaning house since day one of his term. 

Referring to the excerpt, let it be stressed that Reince Priebus has been a bought and paid for Washington insider since long before the appointment to White House Chief of Staff.  Priebus has been attempting to staff the White House with supporters loyal to him, and not to the President.  In addition, as reported on Alex Jones’ Info Wars, the leaks of potentially-damaging and degrading “smear-reports” to the Washington [Com]Post have originated with Priebus.

An excellent and in-depth article posted by Jerome Corsi of Prison covers all the activities of Priebus prior to and after the election.  The actions are staggering in terms of what has been done in a relatively short period of time.  Priebus would have been leaned against the wall with a cigarette and a blindfold anywhere else in the world.  Entitled, Report: Priebus Next to Go as Trump Strikes Back Over Flynnit really cuts to the chase.  Here’s a detailed and revealing excerpt:

“The purge of Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn engineered by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, formally the head of the Republican National Committee in Washington, is the “Pearl Harbor” for Trump loyalists – a devastating attack that determines for Trump supporters that Priebus, an elite GOP Washington insider, must go.  The concern among Trump loyalists is that now that Priebus has succeeded in getting rid of Flynn, his next targets will be Trump top advisors Steve Miller, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway – all of whom D.C. insiders are planning must go if Priebus is to succeed in sabotaging Trump’s revolutionary agenda.  Infowars has established that Priebus is the Chief Leaker in the White House, responsible for feeding the Trump-hating mainstream media that daily dominate the White House news room with “read meat,” including the demeaning leak to the Washington Post  that Trump is “isolated,” a “clueless child,” wandering about in a bathrobe (that Trump does not own), who’s presiding over a “White House in disarray.”

All of this is now: subsequent to what happened prior to the election, in this final excerpt from the article:

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