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The Mathematics of Genesis 1:1

from martyleeds33:

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6 comments to The Mathematics of Genesis 1:1

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It is very interesting stuff, but also makes my head hurt. I started to have hallucinations of Bo Polny when I was listening to all the formulas & calculations.

    Stare at a picture long enough, and it will begin to change and move. It’s magic. It must be divine.

    Numerology does seem to have some correlations, and some people spend years or even lifetimes studying such things. A person can really get entangled into it.

    It’s a big thing, both in Kabala & also in Satanism. So it’s likely just a ‘tool’, and is not inherently bad or good. It seems to just be “there”. It is what it is. Just as a hammer is a tool, it can be used for good, or for bad.

    Back in Detroit, on the assembly lines, there is always about 5% of the people who study this stuff as it applies to the “daily lottery numbers”. I observed it was mainly the black community that would try to understand the Lottery-Kabala, also including the Holy-Lottery-Bible known as “Skippy’s Lucky Lotter Book”.

    There are some fascinating mysteries in numbers, bible, human hands, etc. How much of our existence, are we genetic-DNA designer creatures from ancient aliens? What will be revealed from Antarctica, Atlantis, and Arcturus? Is God nothing more than some ancient, advanced alien?

    That’s why we all love “The Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits” and Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. They all have episodes that tells stories of fantastic mysteries and situations that my give hints to the real truth.

    As for the Bible as such amazing truth, wisdom and 100% perfection? I wonder how does that perfection fall apart when we read the passages where God chose to ban bacon, but allows a man to SELL his daughter as a sex slave? I think the only hidden math-mysteries here, is how many shekels is the 10 year old girl worth to a 50yr old man?

    Or how about the warnings against divorce, adultery etc, but allows a men to have hundreds of sex slaves, and hundreds of concubines and hundreds of wives without being at fault? The math mystery here, is how many shekels does it cost to support such a horney harem?

    Or how about Judges 1:19, where God lost the battle against the valley rednecks who made themselves an army of iron chariots? What is the amazing mathematics of those verses?

    So yes, there are some amazing math and mysteries in the bible, but you can’t just pick the cherries and leave the turds behind.

  • C.J. Morrison, M.Div.

    This is a false system of interpretation. It is gnosticism, pure and simple, the inflated claim of self-proclaimed teachers to have hidden, esoteric knowledge. There is no profit or benefit from entangling oneself in these studies. Instead, study the 1st letter of the apostle John, which was written to combat these types of false teachers who have been around since the days of the apostles. John proclaims there that all those who believe the gospel as preached by the apostles, who keep His commandments, and who love one another, have the highest knowledge and experience of Christ and eternal life. “Do not be deceived!”

    • glitter 1

      I don’t think he is promoting a Gnostic/Kabbalistic view or philosophy,which there are those who do,but he is explaining the Creator’s Majesty and Perfection verified numerically.

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