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The Manifesto From The New World Order

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

First and foremost, please know I did not write the following article.  However, after reading it, I think it deserves to get as much widespread exposure as possible, especially if what is said truly represents the plan, or “The Manifesto,” for what awaits humankind in the very near future, particularly since we know about the New World Order’s Agenda 21 [1] and Agenda 30 [2].

Please know I take no credit for the following article, but since it originally was published under a Creative Commons license, Activist Post and I can re-post it with proper attribution as listed.  However, several questions come to mind from the article graphic:  “Why the face masks?”  “Aren’t they men enough to show their faces?”  “Are they truly ‘cowards’?”  “Who or what are they afraid of?”  Can it be awakening humans?

This article (The New World Order Manifesto) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sylvain Lamoureux and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

This accelerated program comes as a galactic awakening is happening which must be suppressed in order for us to continue our rule in this realm; this has awakened energies which we have long thought eradicated.

With the advent of the Internet some people have voraciously absorbed information which once was secret or limited by factors which are no longer viable due to technology. Thankfully many layers of our PR defenses have been actively working to counteract whatever damage has been done with the leaks of information over the years. A strategy of confusion has been active for many years now, saturating the Internet with useless but convincing information for people to follow.

Below is a summary of the steps taken and needed in order to achieve our goal and rule for centuries to come. This awakening must not be allowed to happen and the vibration level of the people must be kept as low as possible for the next 20 years. If necessary, all out war is an option of last resort.

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