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Trump just killed the secretive globalist TPP trade agreement today. Louis Cammarosano from joins me to expose the horrible truth about Donald Trump.

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    • mike

      This might just be an excuse or the real reason Trump isn’t going after the Clinton’s.
      After all Trump did successfully navigate a direct attack from the Pope..Bill Still is a Trump Cheerleader but this does make a lot of sense…If this is truly the case than even I can give credit where credit is due.

      • fonestar

        It’s such WWF style bullshit isn’t it? “lock her up! lock her up! lock her up!” Trump wins and…. “awe poor Hillary she’s been through enough you know? All that pizza and fetus blood she drinks at her age? It’s got to be hard. And you know Chelsea, she’s such a special demon spawn too!”

        If Trump really wanted to (and was really legit) he could send all of these people to prison, which would really just be a stop-over on their road to hell.

        • Eric

          How would he do that exactly? By executive order? lol.

          • fonestar

            He said we should all leave poor Hillary alone right after he won. It’s not his job to lock people up but it does make it harder for investigators when the president elect gets involved.

            • Eric

              I’d say he’s pretty involved. It doesn’t work that way. Politics is perception. And it’s strategic. Imagine if every football team told everyone what they were going to do ahead of each play.

              Just wait until Sessions gets in there. He’ll nail her ass to the cell wall in one way or another.

              • Ed_B

                Agreed @Eric

                “Just wait until Sessions gets in there. He’ll nail her ass to the cell wall in one way or another.”

                Indeed. Such matters ARE under the purview of the US AG and not the president. He can decide how to proceed or not in this and any other matters that fall under the mandate of the US Dept. of Justice. But I have to say that it will be great when we finally have a US Dept. of Justice instead of the US Dept. of Just Us.

        • mike

          I will at least from this point reserve my judgement of Trump..He might be smarter than I gave him credit, doubt it but maybe? Bill still made a good point.I respect Bill Stills opinions on a valueless currency so I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. The Clinton’s might be more valuable to Trump as his Bitchaz than in prison…We shall see.

          • Eric

            Trump is far more intelligent than anyone gave him credit. That’s why he won the support of so many people while he was constantly criminalized by the media. Don’t sweat it. Things are different now. Go have a beer and sit on your boat and chill. He’s got the US Titanic under control. When all is said and done, you can only focus on the things you have direct control over. Not the things you don’t.

            • Ed_B


              “That’s why he won the support of so many people while he was constantly criminalized by the media.”

              IMO, this is why the lame stream media despises Trump so much. They gave him their best negative shot and it bounced off him and hit Hellery right between the horns. All of the sudden, LOTS of Americans are not listening to, reading, or watching the BS that these people call “news”. This is why their ratings and corporate earnings suck. It’s only a matter of time before they have to start being journalists again OR become extinct. The choice really is theirs now. They are in a position of having to choose wisely and it is not at all clear whether than can. Oh, well. What can we expect when organizations like CNN go from the most widely watched TV network with the best news coverage into a complete pile of leftist crap in a single generation? Yep, stick a fork in them. They ARE done. And they will not be missed by any but the sissies on the left. Same goes for MSNBC, although they seem to be on the same path they are not running towards the cliff above the waters of oblivion as quickly as is CNN. Maybe they should be called media lemmings?

      • AgShaman

        I was not aware she has been “served/brought up” on formal charges of any kind? I think you need something quantifiable in the guilty via prosecution dept., before you can speak about pardons.

        If this is true then the amerikwans are getting easily played as the dunce in yet another golden opportunity to deal a blow to these deep state criminals.

        Where is there anyone denying the authenticity of Hillary’s high levels of criminality based on the leaked emails? Nobody is contesting the fact that she is a criminal….instead, in yet another incredible feat of prestidigitation….the cabal has you looking at Russian hackers and fake news memes….while Bill and Hillary quietly shut down their “Ossuary” that has looted and pillaged the planet.

    • fonestar

      Way to go Troy!!

  • Eric

    Yeah I’m a zionist too. lol. Where is my good friend Jacob from Jerusalem? Let’s talk more about how Rothschild got the US involved in WWI and WWII in exchange for Israel, how Israel attacked the USS Liberty, the Mossad involvement in blowing up the world trade towers in New York City, 50 years of illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank, how orthodox Judaism is really babylonian satanism in disquise, and how jews aid in promoting multiculturalism in western countries by moving young arab men into western civilization by promising them young white women to own with organizations like Paideia and Israaid.

    • mike

      The one thing I would disagree with is the “illegal occupation” there is no such thing..You’re essentially making the baseless Indian argument. To the victor goes the spoils. That is simply the law of all civilization, conquer or be conquered, no holds barred and older than pms as money.
      If you really feel that way raise an army and take the place if you can.I think that would be entertaining..You might run into problems with the IDF they’re pit bulls.

      Personally I would like to see the US stop all Aide to Israel. I am not for or against Israel. If Israel was meant to exist in it’s current form they can do it on their own or lose the place.I dont care if Israel is aggressive towards their neighbors or not..Isnt my problem.Strategically Israel offers nothing for the US so time to cut them loose.

      • Eric

        Israel signed the 4th Geneva Convention.

        Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions are a better strategy.

        • mike

          I understand but war is war and when the fighting starts rules go out the window.The Geneva convention has not been followed by 1 nation in time of war especially as a matter of survival. They are rules and rules are simply suggestions.There are no rules when it comes to war just you and the other guy.

          We signed treaty’s with the Indians..They are essentially worthless as they should be, natural law of war.Indians lost and they are forever at the mercy of the conquers until they rise up and conquer..

          • Eric

            Was there a declaration of War on Palestine that you saw and I didn’t?

          • mike

            Was there a declaration of war against all the different tribes in America?
            There is no such thing as Palestine..It was made up like Israel.There was in a sense a declaration..The Balfour agreement. Ying and yang, two sets of combatants one will win.

            • Eric

              History is more complicated than that. That’s why they don’t teach us shit.

              It’s not black and white as they would like us to believe. There are many different shades of gray. Unfortunately very few look at those.


              The British Mandate for Palestine, shortly Mandate for Palestine, or the Palestine Mandate was a League of Nations mandate for the territory that had formerly constituted the Ottoman Empire sanjaks of Nablus, Acre, the Southern part of the Vilayet of Syria,[1] the Southern portion of the Beirut Vilayet, and the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, prior to the Armistice of Mudros.

              The draft of the Mandate for Palestine was formally confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on 24 July 1922, supplemented via the 16 September 1922 Trans-Jordan memorandum[2][3] and then came into effect on 29 September 1923[2] following the ratification of the Treaty of Lausanne.[4][5] The Mandate of Palestine was superseded with UN Charter, Chapter XII, Article 80 UN Trusteeship Agreement,[6] UNGA 181 of November 29, 1947. The Palestine Mandate was administrated by the United Kingdom from September 29, 1922 to November 29, 1947. Government of the State of Israel was proclaimed over parts of this territory on 14 May, 1948.

              • mike

                Its not more complicated than that.The British dictated a lot of unnatural different boundaries as was their right when they were a mighty empire. Boundaries will always change and new empires will always be born. That is not something that can be legislated.The US is losing its grip and another empire will rise.That is the natural law an order of mankind. The Muslims are infiltrating every aspect of western civilization now before your eyes.There is only 1 interpretation of Islam and that is the murderous warlord and pedophile Mohammad’s interpretation. The is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.They are all command under threat of death to follow without question Mohammad.So will Islam be the next mighty empire? They are certainly going for it.

                • Eric

                  And who do you think created Islam mike? Muhammad? Which is the correct spelling by the way. Just like Yehoshua is the proper name of Jesus. Geez wake up.

                  “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” -Albert Pike 33rd degree Freemason

                • mike

                  Dont buy that..Mohammad was a warlord pedophile with a major blood lust. Jesus was a Hippy preaching love and only turned over the tables of dove traders and money changers in the temple for conducting business in gods house.He didn’t order them beheaded and the children and women raped and enslaved.Jesus didnt marry a 6 year old then rape her when she was 9.
                  I dont know who made up Islam, doesn’t matter at this point it is an out of control death cult with 1 billion devoted followers. They dont need the permission of imams to wage jihad, it is a perpetual state.Not even Muslims can control it, only support it by following gods perfect messenger as they are commanded.There are no lone wolf attacks just individuals following Mohammad.There are no innocent Muslims each and everyone of them worship Satan. Im not running to defend them and their beliefs and I know the last thing they are is human beings. That said I really could care less if Israel went into Lebanon,Egypt,Jordan and instead of occupying just killed every Muslim they came in contact with. I think that would be great but they would have to do it on their own dime and suffer the repercussions themselves.If they can get away with it more power to them.

                  My personal opinion of Israel is they should receive nothing from the US ubtil they become christian.

                • Eric

                  I agree with some of that. Like I did before I woke up and started reading books outside of the bible, the quran, the Nag Hammadi, the Gnostic Bible, the Companion bible, the lost teachings of jesus and many many more.

                  Which books did you read mike?

                  How many muslims have you met? Did they all want to cut your head off?

                  The arab world controlled Jerusalem much longer than the jews. Don’t you want to end the conflict? Or do you like perpetual warfare/welfare state? If you want them to receive nothing, then boycott, divest, and sanction. How many kosher products did you buy today?

                • mike

                  That just it the conflict will never end until one side is thoroughly destroyed forever or it will just continue to fester for generations.There is no common ground no hope for peace the Islam ideology is not compatible with any religion on earth.. The Muslim cult requires them to lie and use the nonbeliever until the time comes for them to kill from a position of strength, infiltrate and execute..So you might have Muslim friends but if they’re really Muslim then yes they do want you to die.If I was Israel I would even offer them a choice convert or be impaled alive (seems like the only death that really scares the Muslim, wiggling on a pole for a few days)..There can be no piece until then. Islam is not a religion in my book and it is not a race.It is the worst idea in a sea of bad ideas.

                • Eric

                  For a while, it sounded like the Jewish Talmud and the protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

                  Look out for the Muslims hiding under your bed mike.

          • Ed_B

            “… and when the fighting starts rules go out the window.”

            That they often do. But we can be sure that the victor will be opening that window and bringing them right back in during any war crimes trials that follow the end of the war.

            When engaging in actions that one knows will be seen as war crimes, I am reminded of Governor Tarkin’s comment in Star Wars: “This had better work, Vader. I’m taking an awful risk here”. Those engaging in such actions had better win the war, else they are in some deep kimchi.

  • Eric

    Trump is kicking everyone’s ass and restoring the republic.

    Mark Dayton is licking the floor and is in meltdown mode with the rest of the retarded left.

    • Ed_B

      lol @Eric

      OMG. Is there anything more pathetic than watching a “snowflake” melt down in public?

      Aren’t these the hysterical people that someone always slaps in the movies to bring them back to reality? Back-handed by Trump? Maybe. If so, they can use all of that he can dish out.

  • Eric

    Gold and Silver have to rise. The inventory just isn’t there. But as I keep saying, it’s not about Gold. It’s about the US Dollar. We’ve been getting killed on trade and while the USD is still a perceived flight to safety, $124 Trillion in debt obligations says otherwise. A revaluation and the USD will be strong again. It will just have much less purchasing power in real terms than it does now. As far as the Global Collateral Accounts go, doubtful that will do it if there is a panic into Gold.

    Cue another story about Yamashita’s Gold possibly being found.

    • fonestar

      You can keep Yamashita’s Gold for all I care.

      I will keep Satoshi’s Bitcoins instead, they’re fare more rare and valuable.

      • Eric

        You do that. While you’re at it, maybe you can write Trump or Trudeau a letter and ask one of them to install the “bitcoin standard.” They can base it off the fair value of one bitcoin – zero.

  • Suzanne

    Trump has to prioritize things. He is the executive, so he has to appoint the right people to the right posts so THEY will carry out the right actions.
    So Trump has a couple of Goldman Sachs thugs in his cabinet… ever occur to you that maybe he is offering them up in the short term and then FIRE THEM later? The appearance of corruption for the short term? Trump brought in some proven market riggers… possibly to try to make the crash softer.
    Trump is going to want to crash this bubble-blown system sooner rather than later so he won’t be stuck with the blame for the cumulative evils of the last 30 years.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed @Suzanne

      I’ve been thinking along these same lines. When one is surrounded by wolves, it can be good to have a couple of your own wolves on your side. This is how I see his GS appointees. Yes, they may be and probably are SOBs, but dammit, they are Trump’s SOBs. Besides, who better to know who is up to what in the banking business? Even finding people who really understand the banking system as it has become over the past couple of decades means that one HAS to hire bankers for the top jobs at the US Treasury Dept. Only they really know and understand all the crap that has been rolled up into the current system. If that system is to be unraveled, it has to be by those who know what’s what and where it can be found.

      One thing that I would love to see happen would be for Trump to press congress for a law that ends the practice of any individual or entity from having “off the books” business of ANY kind. Everything that is done MUST be on the books, where it can be examined by regulators. If it is not, then we really have NO idea what these people / entities are up to. We also cannot know which companies are viable, let alone what their share prices should be. Icebergs in financial matters are preludes to disaster… as was last seen in 2008.

      As to the crash and whom to blame… only those of room temp IQ will try to blame Trump for the problems that have been accumulating for the past 30+ years. Yes, they are legion but they need to be put in their place on issues such as this. Trump has made a VERY good start so far. If the foot-dragging libtards on the senate committees who are vetting his nominees will pull their heads out of an unmentionable location and get on with it, the cabinet will be formed and work can then begin in earnest. It is traditional for all presidents to get the people they want in their cabinet unless there is something truly nasty in their background. After all, these libs DID embrace ultra-corrupt Hillary as Sec. State. So, by not expediting Trump’s cabinet choices, they are only looking more and more like inept political idiots. They really should consider that making enemies of Trump’s choices is a dumb idea that will pay lousy dividends for years to come. If they think that this is a good thing, just wait until Trump starts nominating Supreme Court justice nominees. 😀

  • Karma Respect

    It is all political conjecture and great theater for the unwashed.


    Goldman Sachs controls the Government, the Zionists control the issue of money and no audit of the Federal Reserve will happen according to the new Goldman Sachs treasury secretary today, the bombs are still falling today and yesterday and the day before on Iraq and Syria in support of the Greater Zionist Israel project., expect more of the same death and destruction of innocents to take place tomorrow. NATO the Zionist controlled North Atlantic Terrorist Operation is still being funded. Assange is still locked in unlawful detention. Israel is gloating about a new promised US Embassy in Jerusalem while openly building on stolen land. Six million Palestinians are held in a concentration camp with a Palestinian child killed by Israel bloodletting every few days and the administration says how great Israel is.

    Nothing has changed apart from the Zionist agenda to bow to populism and blow hot air up American asses to keep their takeover of the globe on course.

    A few thousand promised jobs, a great wall and the DOW over 20,000 all paid for with fictitious Zionist money.

    The Zionist sh*t show goes on.

    It is not who runs the country, it is who prints the money that dictates our enslavement.

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