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3 comments to THE FED IS CLUELESS | David Morgan

  • d

    the FED…does what it is TOLD to do…by the owners of it…they KNOW that they do…..imho

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Absolutely correct. The “Fed” knows exactly what they are doing, and it’s called “reeling in the suckers” and “netting” all the fish for the hungry banksters.

    They don’t care if they empty the pond, as long as they catch em all…and then they’ll raise the property taxes on all of us who survive so they can confiscate our homes.

    They’ll keep raising insurance rates on everything. Cars, homes, health.
    More fees, more toll roads, higher income & sales taxes.

    How to fight back? Of course, Precious metals, and I am beginning to warm up to some Crypto currency ideas.

    But the fight to starve the beast can also be simple and very rewarding.

    Grow a big enough garden to feed your family. Grow all kinds of edible things. And chickens, quail, rabbits.

    Hook up a solar (and or WIND) system to be independent of the monopoly energy kings. Give up your electric meter and save those meter fees and be free from the smart meters that track every watt, even what time of day you open your fridge & the light goes on. They can track some of your eating habits this way (and someday, they’ll probably use it as an excuse to deny health care for diabetics because they open the fridge too many times.)

    If possible, perhaps some of us could give up some car usage and ride a bike. If you had a motorized bike with cargo baskets, you might even be able to do your grocery shopping with it and skip a year of car tags and car insurance? (a motorized TRIKE would be more stable and carry more poundage of cargo, and when you get tired, a trike will not fall over.)

  • anon

    I agree “d” and Craig Escaped Detroit ~ the ‘Fed’ and those BEHIND the ‘Fed’ (those who OWN Class A shares in the PRIVATELY-OWNED BANKS WHICH COMPRISE the so-called ‘Fed’) KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They are fleecing the sheeple. And if we have another 1929-style market “collapse” you can bet it will be orchestrated. History proves that the Western (Int’l) Central Bankers create recessions and depressions to STEAL REAL ASSETS, such as when their borrowers can’t repay their exorbitant loans, and when they can scoop up “blue chip” stocks for pennies-on-the-dollar, after the “collapse”. What they are doing is increasingly CONSOLIDATING their CONTROL, over everything.

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