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from SGT Report:

Hey guys, our friends at SD Bullion have extended a generous offer exclusively for SGT Report readers, and it’s a great way to add to your precious metals portfolio. For the entire month of February you can purchase a 10-ounce bar of Silver AT SPOT PRICE. NO mark up, you only pay SPOT. Click HERE to learn more.

Silver is on the rise, and attempting to close above resistance of $17.40, and Gold is looking very strong as well.. while Bitcoin looks ready to pierce the $1,000 mark once again.  So you may want to consider this opportunity to trade fiat for physical …and enhance your stack, while you still can.

And thanks for supporting our valued sponsors with your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes.

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  • fonestar

    Silver at spot is really a good offer. I would take advantage of that but shipping to Canada would not be worthwhile most likely.

    Here is another offer for readers. Buy Bitcoin with confidence from awesome Bitcoin personality, fonestar:

    • Eric

      No shipping with Bitcoin cuz Bitcoin isn’t real tangible wealth. What’s the premium/markup?

      Dang I just ordered from the Doc. The premium on the Platinum Eagles jumped $20. Since this offer is going all month, I will have to take advantage of it since there is far more value in a 10 oz bar of Silver than there is in Bitcoin. $6.95 shipping usually.

      Why not check the rate before just dismissing it?

      • fonestar

        Bitcoin is real tangible wealth and an extreme store of value. The doubling time of Bitcoin’s price in USD is 6.34 months.

        If you are committed to being a loser in this game… listen to Eric, KRELL427, Howard, Ed_B, Duanestar, etc. All other (non-losers) please visit:

          • Eric

            There’s nothing there!

            Hmmm 3.50% markup to buy Bitcoin vs. NO premium to purchase real tangible wealth (Silver).

            Tough decision but I think I need to go with physical Silver.

            Bitcoin shaved 80% off its price in 2014. No doubling.

            • fonestar

              fonestar is charging waaay more than “3.5%” lol. And why shouldn’t fonestar? fonestar is willing to travel and meet people in person, help get them setup with a wallet, explain how the transfer works, etc. Do you work, eat and live for free?

              • Eric

                Oh I bet you are. That’s because fonescam is a con man.

                No I pay for food, rent, electricity, etc. like everybody else.

                $6.95 shipping is a small price to pay to not have to see fonestar while taking delivery of sound money.

                • fonestar

                  Riiiight… I guess I should go through all the hassle of traveling, meeting, explaining and re-explaining things for *0 PROFITS* hey you tool? My vehicle’s gas, my cell phone are all free and so is my time. And you claim to understand Austrian economics? You don’t even understand how a simple business or entrepreneur makes money. You are a fool and if Sean had any brains he would distance himself and his site from people like you.

                • Eric

                  I don’t care what you charge people.

                  The free market will sort out the best deal.

                  Which in this case is a 10 oz. bar of physical Silver. Not your overhyped up pyramid scheme.

                • Eric

                  Oh look I just got a free gift from one of my bullion dealers. I recall receiving free Silver in the mail from SD Bullion around Christmas time.

                  Does fonestar send out free bitcoins to all of his preferred customers during the Holidays?

                • fonestar

                  Ready for another year of watching metal being massively outperformed by Bitcoin? Another year of “stacker” mental retardation? It’s getting kind of predictable now.

                • Eric

                  Once again, the value of physical metal is in the possession. Not the price.

                  Another year of watching mining shares kick bitcoin’s butt.

                  If you’re going to hold a digital asset, hold one that outperforms Bitcoin like First Majestic Silver. First Majestic Silver has better management than bitcoin. First Majestic Silver has a better balance sheet than bitcoin. First Majestic Silver has proven resources and is growing production unlike bitcoin which produces nothing.

                • fonestar

                  Bitcoin has no “management” you moron. Pretty clear you (and other “stackers”) have no fucking clue what you are talking about. But that won’t stop you from embarrassing yourselves anyway.

                • Eric

                  Oh I thought it had value because of the “network” that supports it.

                  lol. That’s what one bit idiot said.

                • Eric

                  If one bought bitcoin on January 1, they have almost broken even.

                  If one bought physical Silver on January 1, they are up almost 10%.

                  Physical precious metals outperforms digital currency. Not the other way around.

                • fonestar

                  A roll of ASEs isn’t even enough to buy 1 single Bitcoin anymore. And that divergence is only get bigger and bigger as time goes on…

                  But like I said earlier, anyone who listens to the confirmed losers on this site and Zerohedge are going to get what they asked for.

                • Eric

                  With a 1 oz Gold American Eagle, someone can buy one bitcoin and still have a bunch of cash leftover. What’s your point?

                  I see Silver and bitcoin rising pretty much at the same rate.

                  But why buy nothing when you can buy something and hold real value in your hand? Like this…


                • fonestar

                  The days of 1 g0ldcoin being worth more than 1 Bitcoin are going to soon be gone forever. Enjoy the final days.

                  Bitcoin is teh taste of teh new Millennial Generation.

                • fonestar

                  …and why would I need to put anything into my hands to trust it? Pretty soon we won’t even need to have hands at all. Because we will just be able to electronically plug our minds directly into teh Matrix experiencing instant trans-human Satoshi Consciousness.

                • Eric

                  Then why isn’t it accepted for real goods anywhere?

                • Eric

                  If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

                  Possession is 9 points of the law.

                  Yep. fonestar will get fatter, lazier, and dumber experiencing satoshi consciousness…

                • fonestar

                  Looks like a perfect future to fonestar.

          • fonestar

            fonestar has already established himself as the go-to Bitcoin dealer in his area, 100% positive feedback! fonestar has helped many young couples achieve their dreams of owning their first Bitcoin. Are you mad that people are not stoked to buy your 0ldecoin?

            It’s what happens when your product has no “wow factor”.

            • Eric

              no “wow factor.” lol.

              Obviously you have never seen or touched a 100 oz. bar of physical Silver.

              Never heard any young couples talk about their dreams of owning bitcoin. Most people don’t even know what it is.

              • fonestar

                I’ve touched many 100 oz bars of physical silver and still have some 1 kg bars left. Want to buy them? I accept Bitcoin as payment.

                And I just sold nearly 10 oz of scrap gold and raw nuggets… turned it into fiat cash and used said fiat to purchase more Bitcoin.

                • KRELL427

                  fonestar your like a F1 driver who gets out of his car at a pitstop and starts jumping around celebrating because he’s winning the race. That would be the dumbest driver on the planet. This race is not over yet and the objective is to preserve your wealth thru to the other side. Celebrating short term profits now is premature.

                • fonestar

                  I’m looking at BTC winning teh race against Gold & Silver… after teh “Dollar” has already been taken out of teh race.

                • Eric

                  Bitcoin will be irrelevant and useless and go to zero once Trump implements the Gold Standard.

                  Bitcoin has no utility. Can’t defrost your windows with bitcoin…


                • fonestar

                  Big bar of metal. No uses in the modern world. No wow factor. No interest. No sales. 🙁

                • Eric

                  Silver is used in solder and brazing. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in batteries. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in dentistry. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in glass coatings. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in LED chips. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in medicine. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in nuclear reactors. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in photography. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in photovoltaic or solar energy. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in RFID chips. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in semiconductors. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in touch screens. bitcoin is not.
                  Silver is used in water purification. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver will command a much higher price. bitcoin will not.

                • fonestar

                  I was thinking about gold, a metal whose primary use now is as an anti-oxidant for circuits. A role that will also be replaced the same way that so much of lead’s previous uses have already been replaced.

                  But Bitcoin will continue to massively outperform silver too.

              • Eric

                Nah. The shipping and the premium is probably too much. It’s much more fun to buy real tangible wealth from a reputable dealer like SD Bullion than it is to pay a ridiculous premium from some scam artist.

          • mike

            Hmm looks like there is plenty of silver to go around when you cant even give it away at spot…No one wants the stuff…Only BTC is money.

  • glitter 1

    Watching a Live Press conference on OAN(One America News/FIOS #116)by Spicer, The President is looking at reintroducing Glass/Steagall…..hmmm

    Go Silver!

    • Steelerdude

      Good manners can be paid for with compliments, but only the sound of gold and silver will pay your debts.

      Rich men accumulate gold and silver; the poor accumulate years.

      just a couple of chinese proverbs the word of money replaced by gold and silver…. 😉

  • Trespass Unwanted

    This is an imagination piece. If you feel it is directed at you, you may want to do a little self discovery of why you think so.

    If the fiat dollar is essentially/inherently worth 6 cents, then why does anyone think that 17 fiat dollars for a one oz bar of silver is a store of value for the silver?
    What does it really say about the true price of their store of value?

    As they stack these things that other people stack, and all are stacking, and stacking, and stacking, and there comes a time where there is no food and one can of beans, how many bars of silver will one release to purchase the can of beans?

    At a store of value of 17 fiat bills with a worth of 6 cents each, what is the store of value of the beans in relation to silver?

    Could someone stack cans of beans as a store of value so they can accumulate and stack silver from it’s future purchase in an apocalypse?

    Why stack something that cannot be used except to buy a good or service from another?
    Are you transferring your wealth when you have to exchange a precious for something that is not called precious, like someones energy/service or someone’s food?

    The end of the offer asks for “your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes.”

    A mining company is willing to risk lives and reputation to pull a precious out of the earth, deal with the consequences of the chemicals and other poisons used for extracting that precious from the earth and purify it, mold it into pretty and shiny precious for your fiat at a rate of inherent value of 6 cents per printed paper with a number 1 on it, they’ll take 17 of those 6 cent valued papers and give you the item of the precious.

    Anyone ever question why?
    It’s just an imagination. I don’t know a thing.
    If someone replies with an ad hominem attack, I guess my imagination struck their imagination but my imagination about silver made their imagination think about me? I would study why my imagination is blamed for their imagination, when I don’t know them nor did I make this post specific to anyone for any reason.

    It’s just a post with questions.
    store of value

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