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Soros Wants To Turn The US Into Mexico

from The Alex Jones Channel:

George Soros has spent years trying to destroy the United States, his end goal is to make it a hell hole like Mexico.

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4 comments to Soros Wants To Turn The US Into Mexico

  • Kevin

    At some point Trump is going to have to deal with the Soros problem head on and swiftly. SUrely there is overwhelming evidence to convict Soros and his NGO thugs of sedition, domestic terrorism, racketeering, and fraud. Turn him over to the Russians.

    • Rdawg

      “Turn him over to the Russians.”

      Nah, screw that. A .308 through his hideous melon ought to do the trick…

    • Ed_B

      Agreed @Kevin

      It also might be possible to pursue this cretin under the RICO statutes. This would be especially good because it should allow the US Gov to seize all property that was purchased via any criminal activities. It would be a fitting end to all this financial manipulation.

  • anon

    Hungarian “JEW”, Georgy-boy Soros Wants To Turn The US Into Mexico?


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