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Solar Powered 4 Season Tent: Powerfilm Panel & Tipi Tent

from Canadian Prepper:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    In real life, anybody who has a car or especially some kind of VAN, they’ll be living inside.
    Moving out of the vehicle and into the open weather, is going to be more spacious, but much less protected from the elements.

    I can imagine that vehicles might get abandoned on the highway, sorta like the zombie and other apocalypse movies…so yes, in that case, you’re gonna be roughing it. Tents break down from UV rays, so to make the fabric survive longer months or YEARS, throw a poly tarp over it!!!

    For living in a vehicle, it would be very good if you already bought some solar panels, charge controller, RV batteries, inverter, etc. and you attach those panels on the roof. A typical minivan, can hold about 400-600w of panels.
    If you’ve got a lot more panels, then you can bolt them onto something to make a decent awning from them. Put your tent under that awning.

    If you are trying to PRE PLAN for camping/survival, then get an extra tent for emergencies when your main one dies. How about a roll of CLEAR, swimming pool solar cover, (16 mils), makes a super HD greenhouse shell, and is SELF insulating. Regular greenhouse plastic, holds perhaps 10F of night/winter heat, but the bubble wrap holds about 20F. A roll of 16ft X 32ft, is about $150.

    I recommend that, because you can grow some veggies in your “solar-greenhouse-tent”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you look at instructions (Youtube) how to build a HOOP HOUSE, you’ll have a wonderful living space and greenhouse in one. Use ONLY the Electrical PVC conduits because the plumbing PVC has no UV protection.

    Don’t forget to educate yourself about home made solar ovens, rocket stoves, etc.
    Having a few Dietz hurricane lanterns and some gallons of kerosene, then you’ll have some heat and and light that needs no electricity.

    Their JUPITER model can burn for 72 hours on a single fillup- it’s the largest tank available costs about $30 at Lehman’s (dot com). It’s basically the webpage for Amish supplies. And that BIG fat tank, makes it bottom heavy and NOT likely to fall over.

    You’ll need to buy one of those 33ft rolls of bulk lantern wick, because each day, you’ll have to trim off 1/8th to 1/4″. Make your replacement wick, about 14-24 inches long and coil it into the lamp tank. Less waste that way and you won’t have to change wicks very often.

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