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SHEEPLE MADNESS !!! (The Epidemic of LameStream News.)

What Really Keeps the Sheeple Glued To Their TV’s?

by John Brennon, via SGT Report:

Despite the drop in the quantity of their viewers, lame-stream news is still a modern epidemic. Even as the dead-stream (x-mainstream) media are scaling down and losing viewers, the “Divide & Conquer” strategy implemented by the puppet masters, still has a strong foothold in the USA (as trying to convince a sheep to watch real news, is a nearly impossible task.) There’s a new reason for this. The populace of the USA currently has 2 overlapping debates which are reinforcing each other,

1. “Mainstream Media is fake”, vs. “Alternative News is fake”, and

2. “Trump supporters”, vs. “The Liberal Left”.

These 2 debates have now MERGED into 1 thing.

We now have…

Liberals who believe the mainstream media, vs. Those NOT on the left, making up the vast majority of people watching real news.

This negative synergistic combination keeps many sheep on a treadmill of propaganda, because the people who are still under the hypnosis of the Legacy Media are now trapped in the paradigm of REFUSING TO LISTEN to any other news(whether it’s true or not), because the people presenting real news, do not support their POLITICAL VIEW. This effectively locks them into the spook house of the MSM with no clear exit signs at the doors. Will they ever learn the truth? (Getting the average person to listen to someone who doesn’t support their political view, is about as easy as getting someone to listen if you question their religion), with this in mind, how will the butt-hurt Liberal Left, ever find their way to real news? This “catch-22” is not just blocking their learning processes, it’s preventing them from regaining the ability to make decisions, or to even have thoughts, based on an accurate view of the world in which they live.

How many left-wingers do you know, who listen to Paul Joseph Watson or Mark Dice? Of course they never will, (and I’m a big fan of both of these guys) but being surrounded by people who are still sleepwalking (and who have been, for such an extended period of time), has caused me to contemplate the question… Is there a way around this barrier? (Is there a way to feed them a little intravenous injection of REAL news, that could be assimilated by somehow bypassing their opposing political view?) Until this is achieved, how will the sheeple ever figure out that “TV-Land” isn’t real?

Many seem to have forgotten that previously, real-news was not synonymous with the Republican Party. Perhaps another title for this essay would be “How did we wind up with such a high percentage of sheep, in the Democratic party?” (There used to be a more equal distribution.)

I’m not attempting to support or condemn Alex Jones, I support the entire real-news network, but since Alex is most widely known, I’ll use him as an example.

Currently if you were to round up an entire room full of the most brainwashed, TV watching zombies that you could find, and if you were to attempt to explain to them that the news they were listening to was FAKE news (and that the “fake-news” is actually the REAL news..), one of the first objections out of their mouth, would be that they don’t want to hear ANYTHING from Alex Jones (not just because they don’t believe what he’s saying, but because of his anti-Liberal views.) -but wait.. Does anyone remember when George Bush was president? Was Alex Jones supporting George Bush during that time period? Obviously not. (I hope you see my point.) Previously, real news was not considered to be the domain of either political Party.

Previously, even the most liberal lame-stream news supported George Bush to some extent just by presenting his B.S. with a straight face while referring to truth seekers as “conspiracy theorists”. Previously(with the exception of Ron Paul) the fake-news was able to be civil to both parties, because back then, both political parties were controlled by the same people, but now with a wild-card leader who finally broke through all this, the real-news community is being seen as a group who is only here to defend the Republican party… and as long as the sheep see us that way, the growth of real news will be curtailed.

The original intention of real-news journalists was not to defend a political view, the goal was simply to report truth and when necessary to expose B.S., but now (especially with so much of the news being about who is, and who would have been, president), the people on the left can’t see through the B.S. (even if it’s presented to them clearly), because they aren’t willing to examine the B.S., because in order to do that, they’d have to question both their choice of news, and their choice of president, AT THE SAME TIME… That combination is way too much for them. It’s difficult enough for people to question just one of these things… (One must remember that these folks have been fed B.S. for so long, that they haven’t even figured out that both major political parties were [’til now] controlled by the same people, so in their little make-believe worlds, their previous choices for political candidates actually MATTERED to them. -so..) Questioning both their choice for president AND their sources for news is about as easy for them as it would be for you, if you had to question both your career path, and your religion at the same time (while other people were
yelling at you while you tried to think about it.)

What’s the solution?

For starters, it may be helpful, to cultivate some sympathy for the victims of mind-control who are living among us. After all, how can they be expected to navigate intelligently in a world, where their view of reality has been hijacked? Treat them with the kindness that you’d have for anyone who is mentally challenged. (Mentally retarded people have trouble comprehending reality. People who watch CNN have trouble comprehending reality. Both are then unable to respond appropriately to situations that they do not correctly understand. The fact that one of these groups isn’t required to ride the “special bus” to school, doesn’t make this comparison any less valid.) Would you really want to get mad at a mentally challenged person, if they made a bad choice with any of their other decisions?? Would you get angry at a 5 year old, if he made a mistake because someone else told him something that wasn’t true? He would have done better, if he had KNOWN better.

Now that we’ve succeeded in electing a president, who does NOT have an extensive criminal background, we have a lot of work to do, so the temptation is for us to ignore the sheep completely and move on; but what’s going to happen to all the victims of mind control moving forward? What will the sheeple do when the New York Times goes out of business and the plug gets pulled on CNN? Will their listeners turn the Democratic party into a
religion and donate their own money to the propaganda press to keep their preachers alive? (George Soros and various corporations do this already.) I can understand the urge to leave the sheep in the mud, but it’s more than an issue of zombies who lack appreciation. Currently, if someone were to shoot President Trump [cancel that thought], we still have 100’s, 1000’s? (100’s of thousands?? -maybe more) of people with impaired comprehension (you know, the “sheeple”), who would actually be HAPPY about it. This could even be a motivational factor for the deep state to implement a “JFK” because they know that AT THIS POINT IN TIME, they’d actually have the SUPPORT of this (mentally challenged, yet) still significantly large, group of people. This lingering sheeple demographic is a legitimate safety hazard. If one of our trusted rogue secret service agencies were to pull off a plane crash, a heart attack, a fast growing cancer injection, or anything else [again, cancel those thoughts], I’d rather be living in a country where all of us would be looking at THEM (the deep state), rather than fighting with each other, if such an event were to occur; so let’s
wake these people up (sooner rather than later!) Educating the sheep, is now more than just a public service, at this point in time, it could almost be considered and appropriate national security measure.

The first step to any solution, is recognizing that a problem exists. Only then can it be dealt with properly. I hope this raises everyone’s awareness the problem.

I don’t want people like Paul Joseph Watson or Mark Dice to stop doing what they do. They keep us laughing, keep us informed, and they’re creating art, but SOMEONE needs to create some real news that could be digested by the Liberal Left (It sure won’t be me, but i just wanted to mention that such a niche needs to be filled.)

Does anyone have the ability to point out the hypocrisy, the contradictions, the insanity and the lies, WITHOUT THE JUDGEMENT? -so as to enable more of the sheep to listen?

As outlined above, a clear sheeple epidemic DOES exist…


-John Brennon (The musician, not the X-CIA chief.)

(John Brennon is a musician who re-writes other people’s songs to assist higher level
sheeple in their awakening process.) You might enjoy his youtube channel HERE.


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