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Seven Earth-Like Planets Discovered 40 Light Years Away

from ZeroHedge:

After holding us in suspense for days with promises of a “major” announcement, NASA has just revealed that it has discovered 7 “Earth-sized” planets orbiting a nearby star that are relatively well positioned to support life. Which is shocking really that among the literally billions of planets in the universe there might be a couple that are roughly the size of Earth and also roughly the same distance from their star…this is the kind of investigative work that is undoubtedly going to earn some scientists at NASA a really large taxpayer-funded raise.

But before you pack your bags, you should know that the planets are roughly 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. And for those not familiar with exactly how fast light travels, according to NASA, it would take you roughly 44 million years to get there using modern technology.

Scientists say they need to study the atmospheres before determining whether these planets could support some type of life but at least three of them are in the so-called habitable zone, where water and, possibly life, might exist.

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  • d

    44 MILLION years away…who gives a rats ass…….2 hours away from your house when stuck in traffic NEEDS to be addressed BEFORE other maybe planets bullshit….and by the way we as a nation are fucking BROKE…no dinaro….wtf

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