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Sarah Silverman Anti-Trump Meltdown

from Mark Dice:

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5 comments to Sarah Silverman Anti-Trump Meltdown

  • Troy

    Mark Dice is not on our side

  • Ed_B

    lol… as if anyone gives a damn what Silverman says or thinks. IMO, these “entertainment” idiots are FAR more trouble than they are worth.

    • Rdawg

      I agree, Ed. We already have these people reeling from the election. Time to deliver the knockout blow; boycott movies and television. I myself cancelled my cable subscription recently. I hadn’t watched any TV in years except for the odd college football game.
      I really think these Hollywood types may have over-played their hands this time. Maybe they didn’t see those election maps; tiny little islands of blue in a vast sea of red. We, the red, are sick of their shit. Time to hit them in the wallet.

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