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Russia Willing To Cooperate With U.S. On Syria “Safe Zone” If Syrian Gov’t Is Consulted

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

The Trump administration caused major consternation amid the pro-Syria community when it announced, in the context of Trump’s executive order on refugees, that it was directing the Pentagon and Department of Defense to begin drawing up a plan to create “safe zones” in Syria under the guise of repatriating refugees that have settled in the United States and other countries. Trump’s plan sounds eerily similar to the many names given to the concept of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria, a plan which will amount to nothing short of war with Syria and most likely Russia if ever implemented.

The terminology of the previous administration has changed several times; from No-Fly Zone, to ISIL-Free Zone, to Safe Zone but it always meant the same thing – Libya 2.0.

This is why even more puzzlement appeared with headlines suggesting Russia was willing to go along with the Trump administration plan so long as it provided that the Syrian government is a part of its implementation.

Lavrov noted that the proposal would require careful negotiation with the Syrian government to ensure its implementation. He also mentioned that the United Nations must be involved as well.

Hours after Lavrov’s statement, Syrian state-run news agency, SANA, ran a report with a statement from the Syrian government stating that any attempt to implement such zones in Syria without the consent of the legitimate government of Syria would be a violation of Syria’s national sovereignty, a statement that can scarcely be denied.

But Lavrov also stated that the safe zones being discussed by the Trump administration were not the same as the safe zones put forward during the time of the previous administration. “There have been ideas of creating some areas where an alternative Syrian government could sit, and use those areas for regime change,” he said, reminding everyone of what happened in Libya under Obama’s No-Fly Zone and similar proposals made for Syria during the reign of the same regime.

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